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Ashford, F., Kuo, C.-W., Dunning, E., Brown, E., Calaghan, S., Jayasinghe, I., Henderson, C., Fuller, W. and Wypijewski, K. (2024) Cysteine post-translational modifications regulate protein interactions of caveolin-3. [Data Collection]


Cameron, P. , Courme, B., Faccio, D. and Defienne, H. (2024) Example code for article titled "Tutorial: Shaping the Spatial Correlations of Entangled Photon Pairs”. [Data Collection]

Catalano, S. and Faust, C. (2024) Next-generation sequencing technologies in the One Health context: a scoping review of current practices on zoonotic diseases. [Data Collection]

Crotti, M., Yohannes, E., Winfield, I., Lyle, A., Adams, C. and Elmer, K. (2024) Rapid adaptation through genomic and epigenomic responses following translocations in an endangered salmonid. [Data Collection]


García-González, M. , Roig, M., Rajpoot, A., Uehara, L. and Saona, I. (2024) Child Juries in Literary Prizes. [Data Collection]


Hameed, H., Tahir, A., Usman, M., Jiang, Z., Lubna, , Abbas, H. , Naeem, R., Tie Jun, C., Imran, M. A. and Abbasi, Q. (2024) Wi-Fi and Radar Fusion for Head Movement Sensing Through Walls Leveraging Deep Learning. [Data Collection]


Kapralova, N. (2024) Thesis_Managing Digital Transformation. [Data Collection]

Khudhur, F. , MacDonald, J. , Macente, A. , Daly, L. , Spruzeniece, L. , Wildman, M. , Chung, P., Wilson, C., Monoghan, A. and University of Edinburgh XRF Facility, (2024) Understanding CO2 mineralization in ironmaking and steelmaking by-products through microstructural analysis. [Data Collection]


Lembo, T. , Davis, A. , Loosli, K., Nthambi, M. , Mutua, E., Laurie, E. , Shirima, G., Hilton, S. , Mmbaga, B. T., Nasuwa, F., Melubo, M., Mnzava, K., Mshana, S., Hanley, N. , Jeremia, H., Muro, F., Seni, J. and Matthews, L. (2024) Supporting the National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (SNAP-AMR) data collection tools. [Data Collection]

Lyons, A. and Murray, R. (2024) Data for 'Two-Photon Interference LiDAR Imaging' - Updated February 2024. [Data Collection]


McNicol, G. R. (2024) A one-dimensional model for focal adhesion and cytoskeleton formation in non-motile cells. [Data Collection]

Mccullagh, A. (2024) Structure-Activity Relationships in Heterogeneous Catalysis: A correlation between adsorbate geometry and nitrobenzene hydrogenation with Pd/Al2O3 catalysts. [Data Collection]

Moorthy, G. S., Rubach, M. P., Maze, M. J., Refuerzo, R. P., Shirima, G. M., Lukambagire, A. S., Bodenham, R. F., Cash-Goldwasser, S. , Thomas, K. M., Sakasaka, P., Mkenda, T. R., Perniciaro, J. L., Nicholson, W. L., Kersh, G. J., Kazwala, R. R., Mmbaga, B. T., Buza, J. J., Maro, V. P., Haydon, D. T. , Crump, J. A. and Halliday, J. E.B. (2024) Prevalence and risk factors for Q fever, spotted fever group rickettsioses, and typhus group rickettsioses in a pastoralist community of northern Tanzania, 2016-2017. [Data Collection]


Papalazarou, V., Newman, A. C., Huerta-Uribe, A., Legrave, N. M., Falcone, M., Zhang, T., McGarry, L., Athineos, D., Shanks, E., Blyth, K. , Vousden, K. H. and Maddocks, O. D. K. (2024) Phenotypic profiling of solute carriers characterizes serine transport in cancer. [Data Collection]

Prasojo, O. A., Williams, R. D. , Naylor, L. , Toney, J. L. and Hurst, M. D. (2024) 2D model result for Slowing down the tidal flood wave is key to estuarine flood risk reduction. [Data Collection]

Prasojo, O. A., Williams, R. D. , Naylor, L. , Toney, J. L. and Hurst, M. D. (2024) Code for Slowing down the tidal flood wave is key to estuarine flood risk reduction. [Data Collection]


Russell, B. A. and Wynne, K. (2024) A method for rheological measurements of air sensitive samples. [Data Collection]


Scotto, T. J. , Gravelle, T. B. and Duncanson, C. (2024) Foreign Policy Attitudes within the United Kingdom—Comparing Scotland to England, 2022. [Data Collection]


Vanatta, S. (2024) Bank Examiner Turnover 1902-1931. [Data Collection]


Westrop, S., Mcgarty, A. and Melville, C. (2024) Exploratory study investigating the social support networks of adults with intellectual disabilities in the context of physical activity, while considering the influence of gender. [Data Collection]

Westrop, S., Mcgarty, A. , Melville, C. , Niven, A. and Speir, D.-M. (2024) Understanding capabilities, opportunities, and motivations of walking for physical activity among adults with intellectual disabilities: Applying the COM-B model. [Data Collection]


Yusuf, L. A. , Ertekin, Z. , Fletcher, S. and Symes, M. D. (2024) Enhanced ultrasonic degradation of methylene blue using a catalyst-free dual-frequency treatment. [Data Collection]

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