QPC06 T-Time Study - ECG Data

Inglis, L. (2024) QPC06 T-Time Study - ECG Data. [Data Collection]

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T-Time is a study involving 14 hospitals within the UK which is designed to assess the effects of intracoronary thrombolytic therapy. The study aims to show whether or not intra-coronary low (20mg) or very low dose (10mg) alteplase administered at the start of PCI after reperfusion may reduce microvascular obstruction and its consequences in high risk patients compared to placebo.

ECGs will be recorded at various time points throughout a patient’s stay in hospital, including one prior to the start of PCI treatment, and during follow up. The vast majority of ECGs are expected to be provided for assessment via a download of a paper copy from the Robertson Centre. Only a small proportion of ECGs is expected to be obtained in digital form to assist with wave measurement.

The aim of the ECG analysis is to use, and subsequently review, various scoring systems for assessing myocardial damage, together with the degree of acuteness of an infarct on the ECG prior to treatment. The amount of ST change immediately before and 60 minutes after PCI will be compared. There may be additional sub projects arising from the study where ECG appearances could be linked with the site of a coronary occlusion for example, or where the estimate of myocardial damage from the ECG could be compared with MRI images

College / School: College of Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences > School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health
Date Deposited: 20 Jun 2024 08:50
URI: https://researchdata.gla.ac.uk/id/eprint/1660

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Inglis, L. (2024); QPC06 T-Time Study - ECG Data

University of Glasgow

DOI: 10.5525/gla.researchdata.1660

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