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Abraham, L. (2023) Activation of the inflammasomes by Malassezia fungal species. [Data Collection]

Alhathlaul, N., Ertekin, Z. and Symes, M. D. (2023) Room Temperature Electro-carboxylation of Styrene and Stilbene Derivatives: A Comparative Study. [Data Collection]

Anderson, S. (2023) Consumer-driven Memorialization. [Data Collection]

Aslan, Y., McGleish, O., Reboud, J. and Cooper, J. M. (2023) Alignment-free construction of double emulsion droplet generation devices incorporating surface wettability contrast. [Data Collection]


Baldwin, E. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast project - community stakeholder survey data and basic analysis. [Data Collection]

Barki, N., Jenkins, L. , Marsango, S., Dedeo, D. , Bolognini, D., Dwomoh, L. , Nilsen, M., Stoffels, M., Nagel, F., Schulz, S., Tobin, A. and Milligan, G. (2023) Phosphorylation bar-coding of Free Fatty Acid receptor 2 is generated in a tissue-specific manner. [Data Collection]

Bartliff, Z. and Hopfgartner, F. (2023) A survey on email visualisation research to address the conflict between privacy and access. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Bennett, P. and Rodriguez Perez, J. (2023) OMeBa: Online Media Behaviour Analytics. [Data Collection]

Bennett, S., Robb, K. A. , Andoh-Arthur, J., Chandler, A., Cleary, A., King, K., Oliffe, J., Rice, S., Scourfield, J., Seager, M., Seidler, Z., Zortea, T. C. and O'Connor, R. C. (2023) Establishing Research Priorities for Investigating Male Suicide Risk and Recovery: A Modified Delphi Study With Lived-Experience Q1 Experts. [Data Collection]

Bennett, S., Robb, K. , Zortea, T. , Dickson, A., Richardson, C. and O'Connor, R. (2023) Male Suicide Risk and Recovery Factors: A 20-year Systematic Review and Qualitative Meta-analysis. [Data Collection]

Benoît, C. (2023) Glasgow's 1980s Independent Music Scene, A Sartorial Influence. [Data Collection]

Blacker, C., Baldwin, E. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast - agrivation collaboration EMI survey Manor Farm Field 70. [Data Collection]

Bochorishvili, A. (2023) Disabled women’s relationship experiences in Georgia. [Data Collection]

Boothroyd, R. , Williams, R. , Hoey, T., MacDonell, C. , Tolentino, P. L. and Quick, L. (2023) National-scale geodatabase of catchment characteristics in the Philippines for river management applications. [Data Collection]

Bowman, A. , Christensen, J., Dagneau, C., Despoina, K., Millar, K. and Moore, J. (2023) Human hair from the wreck of HMS Erebus of the Franklin Expedition, 1845: Elemental chemistry revealed by double-ablation LA-ICP-MS. [Data Collection]

Burgess, A., Florescu, M. and Rouse, D. (2023) Strong coupling dynamics of driven quantum systems with permanent dipoles. [Data Collection]


Chandler, C. (2023) FMAS2023_data. [Data Collection]

Cisowski, C. M. (2023) On-chip generation of reconfigurable cylindrical vector beams. [Data Collection]

Clarkson, J. , Leach, M. C., McKeegan, D. and Martin, J. (2023) The perspectives of UK personnel towards current killing practices for laboratory rodents. [Data Collection]

Clarkson, J. , Martin, J., Sparrey, J., Leach, M. C. and McKeegan, D. (2023) Dataset for 'Striving for humane deaths for laboratory mice: Hypobaric hypoxia provides a potential alternative to carbon dioxide exposure'. [Data Collection]

Crippa, L. (2023) Replication Data for: Do Corporate Regulations Deter or Stimulate Investment? The Effect of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention on FDI. [Data Collection]

Cromb, M., Restuccia, S. , Gibson, G. , Toros, M. , Padgett, M. and Faccio, D. (2023) Mechanical rotation modifies the manifestation of photon entanglement: Dataset. [Data Collection]

Cunningham, M. and McGonigal, R. (2023) Axolemmal nanoruptures arising from paranodal membrane injury induce secondary axon degeneration in murine Guillain-Barre syndrome. [Data Collection]


Duncan, N. (2023) Improving understanding of client experiences of neuropsychological assessment. [Data Collection]

Dyring, L. (2023) A Marshland Material World: Podcast Interview. [Data Collection]


Edwards, J. and Grimwood, P. (2023) INCISE mutational data – INCISE II Batch 1 (Sep 2023). [Data Collection]

Edwards, J. and Ritchie, A. (2023) INCISE mutational data – Longitudinal polyp study (Nov 2021). [Data Collection]

Erhahiemen, P. (2023) A systematic review of the experience of treatment burden of Digital Health for Military Personnel in Primary Health Care - Search Strategy. [Data Collection]


Fletcher, M. , Peevers, C. , Stevenson, S. and McPherson, R. (2023) Women in Law Project - 100 Voices. [Data Collection]

Fullerton, J. (2023) Nanowire_Pair_Growth_30nmSeparation.mx3. [Data Collection]


Ge, Y., Chong, T., Haobo, L., Zikang, C., Wenda, L., Chetty, K., Faccio, D. , Imran, M. and Abbasi, Q. (2023) A large-scale multimodal dateset of non-invasive human speech recognition. [Data Collection]

Golubova, O., O'Donnell, K. and Baruffati, D. (2023) Coping strategies of displaced Ukrainians in Glasgow: A qualitative study. [Data Collection]

González-Jiménez, M. , Barnard, T., Russell, B., Tukachev, N. , Javornik, U., Hayes, L.-A., Farrell, A., Guinane, S., Senn, H. , Smith, A., Wilding, M., Mali, G., Nakano, M., Miyazaki, Y., McMillan, P., Sosso, G. C. and Wynne, K. (2023) Understanding the emergence of the boson peak in molecular glasses. [Data Collection]

Grecian, J. and Nager, R. (2023) British Seabird Prey Database. [Data Collection]

Greer, S. (2023) Live Art in Scotland Interview Collection. [Data Collection]

Gregory, V., Harvey, W., Daniels, R. S., Reeve, R. , Whittaker, L., Halai, C., Douglas, A., Gonsalves, R., Skehel, J. J., Hay, A. J. and McCauley, J. W. (2023) Human seasonal Influenza A(H3N2) haemagglutination inhibition data 1990-2021 from the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza, London, UK. [Data Collection]

Gupta, P., Simitev, R. and Mactaggart, D. (2023) Differential Rotation in Convecting Spherical Shells with Non-Uniform Viscosity and Entropy Diffusivity. [Data Collection]


Heile, B. (2023) Composer database. [Data Collection]

Heile, B. (2023) ISCM Programmes Analysis. [Data Collection]

Hersh, M. , Dawson, M. and Mery, P. (2023) Older Autistic’s Kit (OAK). [Data Collection]

Higham, C. (2023) Quantum deep learning by sampling neural nets with a quantum annealer. [Data Collection]

Hughes, R., Rossi, G. E. and Lennon, D. (2023) Operational parameters relevant to the examination of phosgene synthesis catalysis. [Data Collection]

Hussien, E. J., Cameron, J. , Findlay, N. J. , Taylor, R., Johnson, M., Kanibolotska, L., Kanibolotskyy, O. and Skabara, P. J. (2023) A pyridine-capped quaterthiophene as an alternative to PEDOT:PSS, processable from organic solvents and without acidity, for more stable electronic devices. [Data Collection]


Isaule Rodriguez, F. , Bennett, R. and Götte, J. B. (2023) Rotational properties of two interacting cold polar molecules: linear, symmetric, and asymmetric tops. [Data Collection]


Jacobsson, P. (2023) Glasgow Lighthouse Lab decommissioning data. [Data Collection]

Jatkowska, A., White, B., Jaskolski, P., Nichols, B., Brownson, E., Clowe, J., Seenan, J. P. , Gerasimidis, K. and MacDonald, J. (2023) Perceptions towards established and novel dietary therapies for Crohn’s disease management among adult patients: results from a questionnaire survey. [Data Collection]

Johnstone, A. and Mccrorie, P. (2023) Growing Up in Scotland: Cohort 1, Sweep 8 Physical Activity Data, 2015-2016. [Data Collection]


KIZILKAYA, B. (2023) Task-Oriented Prediction and Communication Co-Design for Haptic Communications. [Data Collection]

Kapitany, V., Fatima, A. and Zickus, V. (2023) Single-shot time-folded fluorescence lifetime imaging. [Data Collection]

Kist, C. and Economou, M. (2023) Surfacing the National Collections: adapting image cataloguing standards to transform access to National Museums Scotland's online collections (dataset). [Data Collection]

Koery, J. , Hill, N. , Luo, X. and Stewart, P. (2023) Discrete-to-continuum models of pre-stressed cytoskeletal filament networks. [Data Collection]


Li, H., Vaskeviciute, M. and Starshynov, I. (2023) Remote Optical Sensing of Heart Sounds for Biometric Identification. [Data Collection]

Lyons, A. , Zickus, V., Alvarez Mendoza, R., Triggiani, D., Tamma, V., Westerberg, N. , Tassieri, M. and Faccio, D. (2023) Fluorescence Lifetime Hong-Ou-Mandel Sensing. [Data Collection]

López-Cervantes, V. B., Bara, D. , Yañez-Aulestia, A., Martínez-Ahumada, A., López-Olvera, A., Amador-Sánchez, Y. A., Solis-Ibarra, D., Sánchez-Gonzalez, E., Ibarra, I. A. and Forgan, R. (2023) Modulated Self-Assembly of three Flexible Cr(III) PCPs for SO2 Adsorption and Detection. [Data Collection]


MacDonell, C. , Williams, R. , Maniatis, G., Roberts, K. and Naylor, M. (2023) Consumer-grade UAV solid-state LiDAR accurately quantifies topography in a vegetated fluvial environment. [Data Collection]

MacLaren, I. , Myro, E., Zeltmann, S. and Ophus, C. (2023) A method for crystallographic mapping of an alpha-beta titanium alloy with nanometre resolution using scanning precession electron diffraction and open-source software libraries. [Data Collection]

MacLaren, I. , Silinga, A. and Barthel, J. (2023) Measurement of directional atomic modulation direction using the azimuthal variation of first order Laue zone electron diffraction. [Data Collection]

Mancy, R. (2023) Shapefiles of administrative boundaries, Subway and main rivers in Glasgow, UK, around 1910. [Data Collection]

Martinelli, C., Coraddu, A. and Cammarano, A. (2023) Approximating piecewise nonlinearities in dynamic systems with sigmoid functions: Advantages and limitations. [Data Collection]

Martinelli, C., Coraddu, A. and Cammarano, A. (2023) Experimental Analysis of a Nonlinear Piecewise Multi-Degrees of Freedom System. [Data Collection]

Masafu, C. K. and Williams, R. (2023) Satellite video remote sensing for flood model validation. [Data Collection]

Masafu, C. K. , Williams, R. and Hurst, M. (2023) Satellite video remote sensing for estimation of river discharge. [Data Collection]

Masso Reid, M. , Haughian, K. , Cumming, A. , Faller, J., Hammond, G. , Hough, J. , van Veggel, A.-M. and Rowan, S. (2023) Temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of hydroxide catalysis bonds between silicon substrates. [Data Collection]

Mayoral Herrera, V., Baldwin, E., Terron Lopez, J. M. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast-czo case study: Dehesa Boyal de Botija. [Data Collection]

Mayoral Herrera, V., Terron Lopez, J. M., Baldwin, E. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast-czo case study: The Rinconada Estate. [Data Collection]

Maze, M. J., Shirima, G. M., Lukambagire, A. H. S., Bodenham, R., Rubach, M. P., Cash-Goldwasser, S., Carugati, M., Thomas, K. T., Sakasaka, P., Mkenda, N., Kazwala, R. R., Mmbaga, B. T., Buza, J. J., Maro, V. P., Galloway, R. L., Haydon, D. , Crump, J. A. and Halliday, J. (2023) Prevalence and risk factors for human leptospirosis in a pastoralist community, Endulen, Tanzania. [Data Collection]

McCullagh, A. and Parker, S. (2023) The adsorption of nitrobenzene over an alumina-supported palladium catalyst: An infrared spectroscopic study. [Data Collection]

McWilliam, A., Cisowski, C. M., YE, Z., Speirits, F. , Goette, J. , Barnett, S. and Franke-Arnold, S. (2023) Topological approach of characterizing optical Skyrmions and Skyrmion lattices. [Data Collection]

Meehan, G. , Herder, V. , Allan, J., Huang, X., Kerr, K., Correa Mendonca, D. , Ilia, G., Wright, D. , Nomikou, K., Gu, Q. , Molina Arias, S., Hansmann, F., Hardas, A., Attipa, C., De Lorenzo, G. , Cowton, V., Upfold, N. , Palmalux, N., Brown, J., Barclay, W., Da Silva Filipe, A. , Furnon, W. , Patel, A. and Palmarini, M. (2023) Phenotyping the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 variants in hamsters by digital pathology and machine learning. [Data Collection]

Muir, F. , Rennie, A. and Everett, N. (2023) Using satellite-derived vegetation edges to quantify coastal change across varied coastal environments (validation data). [Data Collection]

Myrzabek, A., Houston, M. and Hermannsson, K. (2023) The Influence of Returned PhD Graduates and Intellectual Emigrants on the Internationalisation of Kazakh Higher Education: Implication, Challenges, and Suggestions. [Data Collection]


Neundorf, A. , Nazrullaeva, E., Northmore-Ball, K., Tertytchnaya, K., Kim, W., Benavot, A., Bromley, P., Knutsten, C. H., Lutscher, P., Marquardt, K., Paglayan, A., Pemstein, D., Seim, B. and Rydén, O. (2023) Varieties of Political Indoctrination in Education and the Media (V-Indoc) Dataset V1. [Data Collection]

Nowack, T. , Shah, Y. D. , Grant, J. , Escorcia Carranza, I. , Kenney, M. G. , Faccio, D. , Wasige, E. and Cumming, D. (2023) Metasurface Optics with on-axis Polarization Control for Terahertz Sensing Applications. [Data Collection]

Nutt, K. , Olesker, D. and Taylor, J. (2023) High-efficiency digitally scanned light-sheet fluorescence lifetime microscopy (DSLM-FLIM). [Data Collection]


Ozcelik, A. and Shaw, D. (2023) A Dataset of References to Youth in Peace Agreements (YPAD), 1990-2022. [Data Collection]


Pazmino Betancourth, M. (2023) Microdifuse reflectance spectra from Anopheles gambiae s.l. [Data Collection]

Perna, C., Campana, S., Sarri, D., Vieri, M., Baldwin, E. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast-czo case study OptRX data: Montalcino (SI, Italy). [Data Collection]

Piekut, A., Gawlewicz, A. , Narkowicz, K., Wright, S. , Trevena, P. and Le, T. P. L. (2023) Polish Migrant Essential Workers in the UK during COVID-19: Survey Data, 2021. [Data Collection]

Piekut, A., Gawlewicz, A. , Narkowicz, K., Wright, S. , Trevena, P. and Linh Le, T. P. (2023) Polish Migrant Essential Workers in the UK during COVID-19: Survey Metadata, 2021. [Data Collection]

Plant, E., McCafferty, D. J. and Robinson, J. (2023) Body mass and the role of environmental factors in urban and rural bumblebees. [Data Collection]

Pollard, T. and Rankin, M. (2023) A Description of the Battle of Waterloo. Also Called The Battle of Mont-Saint-Jean or the Belle Alliance. [Data Collection]


Quick, L. and Creed, M. (2023) Hyperconcentrated floods cause extreme gravel transport through the sandy rivers of the Gangetic Plains. [Data Collection]


Radford, J. and Faccio, D. (2023) Information transport and limits of optical imaging in the highly diffusive regime. [Data Collection]

Rainey, S., Geoghegan, V., Lefteri, D. , Ant, T., Martinez, J. , McNamara, C., Kamel, W. , de Laurent, Z., Castello, A. and Sinkins, S. (2023) Differences in proteome perturbations caused by the Wolbachia strain wAu suggest multiple mechanisms of Wolbachia-mediated antiviral activity. [Data Collection]

Recknagel, H. , Elmer, K. and Layton, M. (2023) Common lizard microhabitat selection varies by sex, parity mode, and colouration. [Data Collection]

Rendell-Bhatti, f., Zeng, M., MacLaren, D. and Boldrin, D. (2023) Improving barocaloric properties by tailoring transition hysteresis in Mn3Cu1−xSnxN Antiperovskites. [Data Collection]

Rex, C. , Staff, R. , Leng, M. J., Toney, J. , Pearson, E. J., Tyler, J. J., Swann, G. E. A., Lacey, J. H., Saito-Kato, M. and Nakagawa, T. (2023) Insights into deglacial East Asian Monsoon seasonality and inter-regional teleconnections from Lake Suigetsu, Japan. [Data Collection]

Rex, C. , Tyler, J. L., Nagaya, K., Staff, R. A., Leng, M. J., Yamada, K., Kitaba, I., Kitagawa, J., Kojima, H. and Nakagawa, T. (2023) East Asian Monsoon behaviour reflected in the stable isotope hydrology of Lake Suigetsu and surrounding catchment, Japan. [Data Collection]

Rex, C. L. , Staff, R. A. , Toney, J. L. , Pearson, E. J., Francke, A., Saito-Kato, M. and Nakagawa, T. (2023) Novel observations of East Asian Summer Monsoon evolution during Glacial Termination II from Lake Suigetsu, Japan. [Data Collection]

Rodriguez, P. C. , Geiger, A. and Ferri, L. (2023) ChileFjords18 Project: GIS database of glacial geomorphology between the Gran Campo Nevado and Estrecho de Magallanes, Chile. [Data Collection]

Rodriguez Perez, J. (2023) CREATe - IP Watchr. [Data Collection]

Ross, K., Bhatti, S., Birnie, I. and Essex, J. (2023) DiSSI: GlasWeeAsian evaluation tools. [Data Collection]

Russell, B., Gonzalez Jimenez, M. , Tukachev, N., Hayes, L.-A., Chowdhury, T., Javornik, U., Mali, G., Tassieri, M. , Farnaby, J. , Senn, H. and Wynne, K. (2023) A second glass transition observed in single-component homogeneous liquids due to intramolecular vitrification. [Data Collection]


Sale, H., Ubbara, G. R. and Symes, M. (2023) Optimising the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Oxalic Acid in Propylene Carbonate. [Data Collection]

Shalaby, M. M. M., Reboud, J. , Forde, T. , Zadoks, R. and Busin, V. (2023) Prevalence of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus in raw ruminants’ milk: A systematic review. [Data Collection]

Simitev, R. D. , Al dawoud, A. M. A., Aziz, M. H. N., Myles, R. and Smith, G. (2023) Phenomenological analysis of simple ion channel block in large populations of uncoupled cardiomyocytes. [Data Collection]

Sperling, J. R. , Poursat, B., Savage, L., Christie, I., Cuthill, C., McGuire, K. , Karimullah, A. S. , Robbie, J. , Gauchotte-Lindsay, C. , Peveler, W. J. and Clark, A. W. (2023) A nanoplasmonic sensor array for optical inline drinking water assessment: a pilot study with rural Scottish water treatment works. [Data Collection]

Szakolczai, J. M. , Casey, R. , Cullen, A., Qvist-Baudry, E. and Fraser, A. (2023) Public Space CCTV in Scotland: Police Scotland responses. [Data Collection]

Szakolczai, J. M. , Casey, R. , Cullen, A., Qvist-Baudry, E. and Fraser, A. (2023) Public space CCTV in Scotland: Local Authority responses. [Data Collection]


Thom, A. , Turner, G., Davis, Z., Ward, M., Pakamore, I., Hobday, C., Allan, D., Warren, M., Leung, W., Oswald, I., Morris, R., Moggach, S., Ashbrook, S. and Forgan, R. (2023) Pressure-Induced Postsynthetic Cluster Anion Substitution in a MIL-53 Topology Scandium Metal-Organic Framework. [Data Collection]

Thomson, M. , Henderson, G., Vines, J. and MacBeth, A. (2023) Stakeholder Engagement Focus Groups on Digital Mental Health and Peer Support, 2022. [Data Collection]

Tiberghien, G. (2023) Authenticity and Spectrality of Space Heritage: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. [Data Collection]

Tiddy, I. and Elmer, K. (2023) Environmental correlates of adaptive diversification in post-glacial freshwater fishes. [Data Collection]

Todd, A. , Boyle, K., Polgar, E., Gutierrez-Mecinas, M. , Dickie, A., Cooper, A., Bell, A., Jumolea, M. E., Casas-Benito, A., Watanabe, M., Hughes, D., Weir, G. and Riddell, J. (2023) Neuropeptide Y-expressing dorsal horn inhibitory interneurons gate spinal pain and itch signalling. [Data Collection]

Todd, A. , Polgar, E., Dickie, A., Gutierrez-Mecinas, M. , Bell, A. , Goffin, L., Quillet, R. and Watanabe, M. (2023) Characterisation of NPFF-expressing neurons in the superficial dorsal horn of the mouse spinal cord. [Data Collection]

Todd, A. , Quillet, R., Gutierrez-Mecinas, M. , Boyle, K., Polgar, E., Dickie, A. and Riddell, J. (2023) Synaptic circuits involving gastrin-releasing peptide receptor-expressing neurons in the dorsal horn of the mouse spinal cord. [Data Collection]


Ulbrich, P. (2023) Assessing equity in disaster risk governance (DRG) policies. [Data Collection]

Uno, S., Harkiss, A., Chowdhury, R., Caldwell, S. , Prime, T. A., James, A. M., Gallagher, B., Prudent, J., Hartley, R. and Murphy, M. (2023) Incorporating a Polyethyleneglycol Linker to Enhance the Hydrophilicity of Mitochondria-Targeted Triphenylphosphonium Constructs. [Data Collection]


Vignola, M. (2023) Differential utilisation of dissolved organic matter compound fractions by different biofilter microbial communities. [Data Collection]

von Graevenitz, G. and McDonagh, L. (2023) CREATe - Litigation Explorer. [Data Collection]


Wan, Z., Yessenov, M. and Padgett, M. (2023) The propagation speed of optical speckle. [Data Collection]

Wang, X. and Macdonald, C. (2023) ColBERT-PRF-VirtualAppendix. [Data Collection]

Wang, Y. P. , Kintrea, K. , Osborne, M. , Schweisfurth, M. , Mitchell, R. , Kamete, A. , Yao, J. , Stewart, A. , Ahmad, S. , Young, G., Nesterova, Y. , Everatt, D., Lynge, H., Abrahams, C., Turok, I., Scheba, A., Visagie, J., Manirakiza, V., Malonza, J., Nduwayezu, G., Mugabe, L., Nsabimana, A., Rutayisire, P., Nzayirambaho, M., Njunwa, J.K., Levira, F., Moshi, I., Msuya, I., Kundu, D., Sharma, P., Debnath, T., Roy, S., Sowgat, T., Islam, T., Shakil, I., Reyes, M., Gamboa, M., Rivera, R., Caluag, A., Manlapas, I., Racoma, D., Sun, T., Zhai, L., Li, C., Liu, Y., Wang, C., Zhang, L., Sun, X., Bhandari, R., Baffoe, G., Lawson, V. and Long, J. (2023) GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods: Household Survey and Neighbourhood Focus Group Data from Seven Asian and African Countries, 2021-2022. [Data Collection]

Weakley, S. (2023) Community Planning Officials Survey 2018. [Data Collection]

Wolley, O. , Moreau, P.-A. , Mekhail, S., Gregory, T., Gibson, G. , Leuchs, G. and Padgett, M. (2023) Near single-photon imaging in the short-wave infrared using homodyne detection. [Data Collection]

Wright, S. , Gawlewicz, A. , Narkowicz, K., Piekut, A. and Trevena, P. (2023) Polish Migrant Essential Workers in the UK during COVID-19: Qualitative Data, 2021. [Data Collection]


Xu, G., Yang, H., Qiu, J., Reboud, J. , Chen, L., Ren, W., Xu, H., Cooper, J. and Gu, H. (2023) Sequence terminus dependent PCR for site-specific mutation and modification. [Data Collection]


Young, C. , Botticelli, M. , Charsley, J. M. and Reid, D. (2023) PISTACHIO (Photonic Imaging Strategies For Technical Art History And Conservation). [Data Collection]


Zaidi, S. B. A., Shawky, M. , Taha, A. , Abbasi, Q. , Imran, M. and Ansari, S. (2023) An Efficient Deep Learning-based Spectrum Awareness Approach for Vehicular Communication. [Data Collection]

Zhao, Q. , Hu, C., Ou, Y., Livingston, M. , Wang, M., Hamada, R. and Eccles, P. (2023) Sensor-enhanced housing survey data for urban heat investigation. [Data Collection]

Zhdanov, O. , Jelly, T. and Busse, A. (2023) Influence of ridge spacing, ridge width, and Reynolds number on secondary currents in turbulent channel flow over triangular ridges. [Data Collection]

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