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Abbasi, Q. , Ge, Y., Chong, T., Haobo, L., Zikang, C., Wang, J., Wenda, L., Cooper, J. , Chetty, K., Faccio, D. and Imran, M. (2023) A comprehensive multimodal dataset for contactless lip reading and acoustic analysis. [Data Collection]

Abraham, L. (2023) Activation of the inflammasomes by Malassezia fungal species. [Data Collection]

Alhathlaul, N., Ertekin, Z. and Symes, M. D. (2023) Room Temperature Electro-carboxylation of Styrene and Stilbene Derivatives: A Comparative Study. [Data Collection]

Alonso, S. and Lamberton, P. (2023) The short-term impact of Schistosoma mansoni infection on health-related quality of life: implications for current elimination policies. [Data Collection]

Anderson, S. (2023) Consumer-driven Memorialization. [Data Collection]

Angelidis, O. (2023) CATHeaPS. [Data Collection]

Aslan, Y., McGleish, O., Reboud, J. and Cooper, J. M. (2023) Alignment-free construction of double emulsion droplet generation devices incorporating surface wettability contrast. [Data Collection]


Baldwin, E. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast project - community stakeholder survey data and basic analysis. [Data Collection]

Barki, N., Jenkins, L. , Marsango, S., Dedeo, D. , Bolognini, D., Dwomoh, L. , Nilsen, M., Stoffels, M., Nagel, F., Schulz, S., Tobin, A. and Milligan, G. (2023) Phosphorylation bar-coding of Free Fatty Acid receptor 2 is generated in a tissue-specific manner. [Data Collection]

Bartliff, Z. and Hopfgartner, F. (2023) A survey on email visualisation research to address the conflict between privacy and access. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Bennett, P. and Rodriguez Perez, J. (2023) OMeBa: Online Media Behaviour Analytics. [Data Collection]

Bennett, S., Robb, K. A. , Andoh-Arthur, J., Chandler, A., Cleary, A., King, K., Oliffe, J., Rice, S., Scourfield, J., Seager, M., Seidler, Z., Zortea, T. C. and O'Connor, R. C. (2023) Establishing Research Priorities for Investigating Male Suicide Risk and Recovery: A Modified Delphi Study With Lived-Experience Q1 Experts. [Data Collection]

Bennett, S., Robb, K. , Zortea, T. , Dickson, A., Richardson, C. and O'Connor, R. (2023) Male Suicide Risk and Recovery Factors: A 20-year Systematic Review and Qualitative Meta-analysis. [Data Collection]

Benoît, C. (2023) Glasgow's 1980s Independent Music Scene, A Sartorial Influence. [Data Collection]

Blacker, C., Baldwin, E. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast - agrivation collaboration EMI survey Manor Farm Field 70. [Data Collection]

Bochorishvili, A. (2023) Disabled women’s relationship experiences in Georgia. [Data Collection]

Boothroyd, R. , Williams, R. , Hoey, T., MacDonell, C. , Tolentino, P. L. and Quick, L. (2023) National-scale geodatabase of catchment characteristics in the Philippines for river management applications. [Data Collection]

Bowman, A. , Christensen, J., Dagneau, C., Despoina, K., Millar, K. and Moore, J. (2023) Human hair from the wreck of HMS Erebus of the Franklin Expedition, 1845: Elemental chemistry revealed by double-ablation LA-ICP-MS. [Data Collection]

Boyd, J., Hjelmskog, A. , Elsenbroich, C. , Heppenstall, A. , Toney, J. and Meier, P. (2023) Climate mitigation and adaptation action in the UK and devolved nations - A typology. [Data Collection]

Burgess, A., Florescu, M. and Rouse, D. (2023) Strong coupling dynamics of driven quantum systems with permanent dipoles. [Data Collection]


Cascales Sandoval, M. Á., Hierro Rodriguez, A., McVitie, S. , Fernández-Pacheco, A., McGrouther, D., Foerster, M. and Niño, M. Á. (2023) Observation and formation mechanism of 360deg domain wall rings in Synthetic Anti-Ferromagnets with interlayer chiral interactions. [Data Collection]

Chandler, C. (2023) FMAS2023_data. [Data Collection]

Cisowski, C. M. (2023) On-chip generation of reconfigurable cylindrical vector beams. [Data Collection]

Clarkson, J. , Leach, M. C., McKeegan, D. and Martin, J. (2023) The perspectives of UK personnel towards current killing practices for laboratory rodents. [Data Collection]

Clarkson, J. , Martin, J., Sparrey, J., Leach, M. C. and McKeegan, D. (2023) Dataset for 'Striving for humane deaths for laboratory mice: Hypobaric hypoxia provides a potential alternative to carbon dioxide exposure'. [Data Collection]

Crippa, L. (2023) Replication Data for: Do Corporate Regulations Deter or Stimulate Investment? The Effect of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention on FDI. [Data Collection]

Cromb, M., Restuccia, S. , Gibson, G. , Toros, M. , Padgett, M. and Faccio, D. (2023) Mechanical rotation modifies the manifestation of photon entanglement: Dataset. [Data Collection]

Cunningham, M. and McGonigal, R. (2023) Axolemmal nanoruptures arising from paranodal membrane injury induce secondary axon degeneration in murine Guillain-Barre syndrome. [Data Collection]


Davidson, J. and Dickson, B. (2023) Supporting sessional staff through structured induction: Evaluation, reflections and lessons learned. [Data Collection]

Duncan, N. (2023) Improving understanding of client experiences of neuropsychological assessment. [Data Collection]

Dyring, L. (2023) A Marshland Material World: Podcast Interview. [Data Collection]


Edwards, J. and Grimwood, P. (2023) INCISE mutational data – INCISE II Batch 1 (Sep 2023). [Data Collection]

Edwards, J. and Ritchie, A. (2023) INCISE mutational data – Longitudinal polyp study (Nov 2021). [Data Collection]

Elmer, K. , Bean, C. , Adams, C. , Jacobs, A. and Fenton, S. (2023) The genomic underpinnings of head and body shape morphology across Arctic charr ecomorph pairs. [Data Collection]

Erhahiemen, P. (2023) A systematic review of the experience of treatment burden of Digital Health for Military Personnel in Primary Health Care - Research Data. [Data Collection]


Falcone, G. , Cammarano, A. , Hunt, G. and Pickles, D. (2023) Flow Induced Vibration in A Flexible Riser - measurements. [Data Collection]

Fletcher, M. , Peevers, C. , Stevenson, S. and McPherson, R. (2023) Women in Law Project - 100 Voices. [Data Collection]

Fullerton, J. (2023) Nanowire_Pair_Growth_30nmSeparation.mx3. [Data Collection]


Gilmour, M., Tabir, N., O’ Connor, G. and Shukair, B. (2023) Power and Participation in Aid Assemblages. [Data Collection]

Golubova, O., O'Donnell, K. and Baruffati, D. (2023) Coping strategies of displaced Ukrainians in Glasgow: A qualitative study. [Data Collection]

González-Jiménez, M. , Barnard, T., Russell, B., Tukachev, N. , Javornik, U., Hayes, L.-A., Farrell, A., Guinane, S., Senn, H. , Smith, A., Wilding, M., Mali, G., Nakano, M., Miyazaki, Y., McMillan, P., Sosso, G. C. and Wynne, K. (2023) Understanding the emergence of the boson peak in molecular glasses. [Data Collection]

González-Jiménez, M. , Liao, Z. , Lloyd Williams, E. and Wynne, K. (2023) Lifting Hofmeister’s curse: Impact of cations on diffusion, hydrogen bonding and clustering of water. [Data Collection]

Grecian, J. and Nager, R. (2023) British Seabird Prey Database. [Data Collection]

Greer, S. (2023) Live Art in Scotland Interview Collection. [Data Collection]

Gregory, V., Harvey, W., Daniels, R. S., Reeve, R. , Whittaker, L., Halai, C., Douglas, A., Gonsalves, R., Skehel, J. J., Hay, A. J. and McCauley, J. W. (2023) Human seasonal Influenza A(H3N2) haemagglutination inhibition data 1990-2021 from the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza, London, UK. [Data Collection]

Gupta, P., Simitev, R. and Mactaggart, D. (2023) Differential Rotation in Convecting Spherical Shells with Non-Uniform Viscosity and Entropy Diffusivity. [Data Collection]


Heile, B. (2023) Composer database. [Data Collection]

Heile, B. (2023) ISCM Programmes Analysis. [Data Collection]

Hersh, M. , Dawson, M. and Mery, P. (2023) Older Autistic’s Kit (OAK). [Data Collection]

Higham, C. (2023) Quantum deep learning by sampling neural nets with a quantum annealer. [Data Collection]

Higham, C. and Johnson, S. (2023) Efficient Bayesian Deep Inversion for Depth Prediction. [Data Collection]

Hughes, R., Rossi, G. E. and Lennon, D. (2023) Operational parameters relevant to the examination of phosgene synthesis catalysis. [Data Collection]

Hussien, E. J., Cameron, J. , Findlay, N. J. , Taylor, R., Johnson, M., Kanibolotska, L., Kanibolotskyy, O. and Skabara, P. J. (2023) A pyridine-capped quaterthiophene as an alternative to PEDOT:PSS, processable from organic solvents and without acidity, for more stable electronic devices. [Data Collection]


Isaule Rodriguez, F. , Bennett, R. and Götte, J. B. (2023) Rotational properties of two interacting cold polar molecules: linear, symmetric, and asymmetric tops. [Data Collection]


Jacobsson, P. (2023) Glasgow Lighthouse Lab decommissioning data. [Data Collection]

Jatkowska, A., White, B., Jaskolski, P., Nichols, B., Brownson, E., Clowe, J., Seenan, J. P. , Gerasimidis, K. and MacDonald, J. (2023) Perceptions towards established and novel dietary therapies for Crohn’s disease management among adult patients: results from a questionnaire survey. [Data Collection]

Johnstone, A. and Mccrorie, P. (2023) Growing Up in Scotland: Cohort 1, Sweep 8 Physical Activity Data, 2015-2016. [Data Collection]


KIZILKAYA, B. (2023) Task-Oriented Prediction and Communication Co-Design for Haptic Communications. [Data Collection]

Kapitany, V., Fatima, A. and Zickus, V. (2023) Single-shot time-folded fluorescence lifetime imaging. [Data Collection]

Kist, C. and Economou, M. (2023) Surfacing the National Collections: adapting image cataloguing standards to transform access to National Museums Scotland's online collections (dataset). [Data Collection]

Koery, J. (2023) A discrete-to-continuum model for the human cornea with application to keratoconus. [Data Collection]

Koery, J. , Hill, N. , Luo, X. and Stewart, P. (2023) Discrete-to-continuum models of pre-stressed cytoskeletal filament networks. [Data Collection]


Lehtsalu, L., McCutcheon, V. , Newbold, E., Yan, W. and Biru, Z. (2023) Research Data Alliance Interest Group Professionalising Data Stewardship Career Tracks Survey Dataset. [Data Collection]

Li, H., Vaskeviciute, M. and Starshynov, I. (2023) Remote Optical Sensing of Heart Sounds for Biometric Identification. [Data Collection]

Lyons, A. , Zickus, V., Alvarez Mendoza, R., Triggiani, D., Tamma, V., Westerberg, N. , Tassieri, M. and Faccio, D. (2023) Fluorescence Lifetime Hong-Ou-Mandel Sensing. [Data Collection]

López-Cervantes, V. B., Bara, D. , Yañez-Aulestia, A., Martínez-Ahumada, A., López-Olvera, A., Amador-Sánchez, Y. A., Solis-Ibarra, D., Sánchez-Gonzalez, E., Ibarra, I. A. and Forgan, R. (2023) Modulated Self-Assembly of three Flexible Cr(III) PCPs for SO2 Adsorption and Detection. [Data Collection]


MacDonell, C. , Williams, R. , Maniatis, G., Roberts, K. and Naylor, M. (2023) Consumer-grade UAV solid-state LiDAR accurately quantifies topography in a vegetated fluvial environment. [Data Collection]

MacLaren, I. , Myro, E., Zeltmann, S. and Ophus, C. (2023) A method for crystallographic mapping of an alpha-beta titanium alloy with nanometre resolution using scanning precession electron diffraction and open-source software libraries. [Data Collection]

MacLaren, I. , Silinga, A. and Barthel, J. (2023) Measurement of directional atomic modulation direction using the azimuthal variation of first order Laue zone electron diffraction. [Data Collection]

Mancy, R. (2023) Shapefiles of administrative boundaries, Subway and main rivers in Glasgow, UK, around 1910. [Data Collection]

Martinelli, C., Coraddu, A. and Cammarano, A. (2023) Approximating piecewise nonlinearities in dynamic systems with sigmoid functions: Advantages and limitations. [Data Collection]

Martinelli, C., Coraddu, A. and Cammarano, A. (2023) Experimental Analysis of a Nonlinear Piecewise Multi-Degrees of Freedom System. [Data Collection]

Masafu, C. K. and Williams, R. (2023) Satellite video remote sensing for flood model validation. [Data Collection]

Masafu, C. K. , Williams, R. and Hurst, M. (2023) Satellite video remote sensing for estimation of river discharge. [Data Collection]

Masso Reid, M. , Haughian, K. , Cumming, A. , Faller, J., Hammond, G. , Hough, J. , van Veggel, A.-M. and Rowan, S. (2023) Temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of hydroxide catalysis bonds between silicon substrates. [Data Collection]

Mayoral Herrera, V., Baldwin, E., Terron Lopez, J. M. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast-czo case study: Dehesa Boyal de Botija. [Data Collection]

Mayoral Herrera, V., Terron Lopez, J. M., Baldwin, E. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast-czo case study: The Rinconada Estate. [Data Collection]

Maze, M. J., Shirima, G. M., Lukambagire, A. H. S., Bodenham, R., Rubach, M. P., Cash-Goldwasser, S., Carugati, M., Thomas, K. T., Sakasaka, P., Mkenda, N., Kazwala, R. R., Mmbaga, B. T., Buza, J. J., Maro, V. P., Galloway, R. L., Haydon, D. , Crump, J. A. and Halliday, J. (2023) Prevalence and risk factors for human leptospirosis in a pastoralist community, Endulen, Tanzania. [Data Collection]

Mbwambo, G., van Zwetselaar, M., Sonda, T., Lukambagire, A. H., Njau, J., Wadugu, B., Ignass, I., Amani, N., Hugho, E., Rubach, M., Sakasaka, P., Oisso, R., Mkenda, N., Shirima, G., Ashford, R., Haydon, D. , Maro, V., Kazwala, R., Kumburu, H. and Halliday, J. (2023) Complete genome sequence of Brucella abortus isolated from a human blood culture sample in Tanzania. [Data Collection]

McCullagh, A. and Parker, S. (2023) The adsorption of nitrobenzene over an alumina-supported palladium catalyst: An infrared spectroscopic study. [Data Collection]

McWilliam, A., Cisowski, C. M., YE, Z., Speirits, F. , Goette, J. , Barnett, S. and Franke-Arnold, S. (2023) Topological approach of characterizing optical Skyrmions and Skyrmion lattices. [Data Collection]

Meehan, G. , Herder, V. , Allan, J., Huang, X., Kerr, K., Correa Mendonca, D. , Ilia, G., Wright, D. , Nomikou, K., Gu, Q. , Molina Arias, S., Hansmann, F., Hardas, A., Attipa, C., De Lorenzo, G. , Cowton, V., Upfold, N. , Palmalux, N., Brown, J., Barclay, W., Da Silva Filipe, A. , Furnon, W. , Patel, A. and Palmarini, M. (2023) Phenotyping the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 variants in hamsters by digital pathology and machine learning. [Data Collection]

Mitchell, A. C. and Lee, J. (2023) Implanted intrathecal drug delivery systems may be associated with improved survival in patients with cancer. [Data Collection]

Muir, F. , Rennie, A. and Everett, N. (2023) Using satellite-derived vegetation edges to quantify coastal change across varied coastal environments (validation data). [Data Collection]

Myrzabek, A., Houston, M. and Hermannsson, K. (2023) The Influence of Returned PhD Graduates and Intellectual Emigrants on the Internationalisation of Kazakh Higher Education: Implication, Challenges, and Suggestions. [Data Collection]


Neundorf, A. , Nazrullaeva, E., Northmore-Ball, K., Tertytchnaya, K., Kim, W., Benavot, A., Bromley, P., Knutsten, C. H., Lutscher, P., Marquardt, K., Paglayan, A., Pemstein, D., Seim, B. and Rydén, O. (2023) Varieties of Political Indoctrination in Education and the Media (V-Indoc) Dataset V1. [Data Collection]

Nowack, T. , Shah, Y. D. , Grant, J. , Escorcia Carranza, I. , Kenney, M. G. , Faccio, D. , Wasige, E. and Cumming, D. (2023) Metasurface Optics with on-axis Polarization Control for Terahertz Sensing Applications. [Data Collection]

Nutt, K. , Olesker, D. and Taylor, J. (2023) High-efficiency digitally scanned light-sheet fluorescence lifetime microscopy (DSLM-FLIM). [Data Collection]


Ozcelik, A. and Shaw, D. (2023) A Dataset of References to Youth in Peace Agreements (YPAD), 1990-2022. [Data Collection]


Pazmino Betancourth, M. (2023) Microdifuse reflectance spectra from Anopheles gambiae s.l. [Data Collection]

Pazmino Betancourth, M. , Casas Gomez-Uribarri, I., Mondragon-Shem, K., Babayan, S. , Baldini, F. and Lee Rafuse, H. (2023) Mid-infrared spectroscopy data from laboratory reared samples of Glossina spp. [Data Collection]

Perna, C., Campana, S., Sarri, D., Vieri, M., Baldwin, E. and Opitz, R. (2023) ipaast-czo case study OptRX data: Montalcino (SI, Italy). [Data Collection]

Piekut, A., Gawlewicz, A. , Narkowicz, K., Wright, S. , Trevena, P. and Le, T. P. L. (2023) Polish Migrant Essential Workers in the UK during COVID-19: Survey Data, 2021. [Data Collection]

Piekut, A., Gawlewicz, A. , Narkowicz, K., Wright, S. , Trevena, P. and Linh Le, T. P. (2023) Polish Migrant Essential Workers in the UK during COVID-19: Survey Metadata, 2021. [Data Collection]

Plant, E., McCafferty, D. J. and Robinson, J. (2023) Body mass and the role of environmental factors in urban and rural bumblebees. [Data Collection]

Pollard, T. and Rankin, M. (2023) A Description of the Battle of Waterloo. Also Called The Battle of Mont-Saint-Jean or the Belle Alliance. [Data Collection]

Prasad, A. (2023) Dataset for A 19 day Earth Tide Measurement with a MEMS Gravimeter. [Data Collection]


Quick, L. and Creed, M. (2023) Hyperconcentrated floods cause extreme gravel transport through the sandy rivers of the Gangetic Plains. [Data Collection]


Radford, J. and Faccio, D. (2023) Information transport and limits of optical imaging in the highly diffusive regime. [Data Collection]

Rainey, S., Geoghegan, V., Lefteri, D. , Ant, T., Martinez, J. , McNamara, C., Kamel, W. , de Laurent, Z., Castello, A. and Sinkins, S. (2023) Differences in proteome perturbations caused by the Wolbachia strain wAu suggest multiple mechanisms of Wolbachia-mediated antiviral activity. [Data Collection]

Recknagel, H. , Elmer, K. and Layton, M. (2023) Common lizard microhabitat selection varies by sex, parity mode, and colouration. [Data Collection]

Rendell-Bhatti, f., Zeng, M., MacLaren, D. and Boldrin, D. (2023) Improving barocaloric properties by tailoring transition hysteresis in Mn3Cu1−xSnxN Antiperovskites. [Data Collection]

Rex, C. , Staff, R. , Leng, M. J., Toney, J. , Pearson, E. J., Tyler, J. J., Swann, G. E. A., Lacey, J. H., Saito-Kato, M. and Nakagawa, T. (2023) Insights into deglacial East Asian Monsoon seasonality and inter-regional teleconnections from Lake Suigetsu, Japan. [Data Collection]

Rex, C. , Tyler, J. L., Nagaya, K., Staff, R. A., Leng, M. J., Yamada, K., Kitaba, I., Kitagawa, J., Kojima, H. and Nakagawa, T. (2023) East Asian Monsoon behaviour reflected in the stable isotope hydrology of Lake Suigetsu and surrounding catchment, Japan. [Data Collection]

Rex, C. L. , Staff, R. A. , Toney, J. L. , Pearson, E. J., Francke, A., Saito-Kato, M. and Nakagawa, T. (2023) Novel observations of East Asian Summer Monsoon evolution during Glacial Termination II from Lake Suigetsu, Japan. [Data Collection]

Rodriguez, P. C. , Geiger, A. and Ferri, L. (2023) ChileFjords18 Project: GIS database of glacial geomorphology between the Gran Campo Nevado and Estrecho de Magallanes, Chile. [Data Collection]

Rodriguez Perez, J. (2023) CREATe - IP Watchr. [Data Collection]

Ross, K., Bhatti, S., Birnie, I. and Essex, J. (2023) DiSSI: GlasWeeAsian evaluation tools. [Data Collection]

Russell, B., Gonzalez Jimenez, M. , Tukachev, N., Hayes, L.-A., Chowdhury, T., Javornik, U., Mali, G., Tassieri, M. , Farnaby, J. , Senn, H. and Wynne, K. (2023) A second glass transition observed in single-component homogeneous liquids due to intramolecular vitrification. [Data Collection]


Sale, H., Ubbara, G. R. and Symes, M. (2023) Optimising the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Oxalic Acid in Propylene Carbonate. [Data Collection]

Sarakinos, S. and Busse, A. (2023) Reynolds number dependency of wall-bounded turbulence over a surface partially covered by barnacle clusters. [Data Collection]

Shalaby, M. M. M., Reboud, J. , Forde, T. , Zadoks, R. and Busin, V. (2023) Prevalence of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus in raw ruminants’ milk: A systematic review. [Data Collection]

Simitev, R. D. , Al dawoud, A. M. A., Aziz, M. H. N., Myles, R. and Smith, G. (2023) Phenomenological analysis of simple ion channel block in large populations of uncoupled cardiomyocytes. [Data Collection]

Sperling, J. R. , Poursat, B., Savage, L., Christie, I., Cuthill, C., McGuire, K. , Karimullah, A. S. , Robbie, J. , Gauchotte-Lindsay, C. , Peveler, W. J. and Clark, A. W. (2023) A nanoplasmonic sensor array for optical inline drinking water assessment: a pilot study with rural Scottish water treatment works. [Data Collection]

Szakolczai, J. M. , Casey, R. , Cullen, A., Qvist-Baudry, E. and Fraser, A. (2023) Public Space CCTV in Scotland: Police Scotland responses. [Data Collection]

Szakolczai, J. M. , Casey, R. , Cullen, A., Qvist-Baudry, E. and Fraser, A. (2023) Public space CCTV in Scotland: Local Authority responses. [Data Collection]


Thom, A. , Turner, G., Davis, Z., Ward, M., Pakamore, I., Hobday, C., Allan, D., Warren, M., Leung, W., Oswald, I., Morris, R., Moggach, S., Ashbrook, S. and Forgan, R. (2023) Pressure-Induced Postsynthetic Cluster Anion Substitution in a MIL-53 Topology Scandium Metal-Organic Framework. [Data Collection]

Thomson, M. , Henderson, G., Vines, J. and MacBeth, A. (2023) Stakeholder Engagement Focus Groups on Digital Mental Health and Peer Support, 2022. [Data Collection]

Tiberghien, G. (2023) Authenticity and Spectrality of Space Heritage: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. [Data Collection]

Tiddy, I. and Elmer, K. (2023) Environmental correlates of adaptive diversification in post-glacial freshwater fishes. [Data Collection]

Todd, A. , Boyle, K., Polgar, E., Gutierrez-Mecinas, M. , Dickie, A., Cooper, A., Bell, A., Jumolea, M. E., Casas-Benito, A., Watanabe, M., Hughes, D., Weir, G. and Riddell, J. (2023) Neuropeptide Y-expressing dorsal horn inhibitory interneurons gate spinal pain and itch signalling. [Data Collection]

Todd, A. , Polgar, E., Dickie, A., Gutierrez-Mecinas, M. , Bell, A. , Goffin, L., Quillet, R. and Watanabe, M. (2023) Characterisation of NPFF-expressing neurons in the superficial dorsal horn of the mouse spinal cord. [Data Collection]

Todd, A. , Quillet, R., Gutierrez-Mecinas, M. , Boyle, K., Polgar, E., Dickie, A. and Riddell, J. (2023) Synaptic circuits involving gastrin-releasing peptide receptor-expressing neurons in the dorsal horn of the mouse spinal cord. [Data Collection]


Ulbrich, P. (2023) Assessing equity in disaster risk governance (DRG) policies. [Data Collection]

Uno, S., Harkiss, A., Chowdhury, R., Caldwell, S. , Prime, T. A., James, A. M., Gallagher, B., Prudent, J., Hartley, R. and Murphy, M. (2023) Incorporating a Polyethyleneglycol Linker to Enhance the Hydrophilicity of Mitochondria-Targeted Triphenylphosphonium Constructs. [Data Collection]


Vignola, M. (2023) Differential utilisation of dissolved organic matter compound fractions by different biofilter microbial communities. [Data Collection]

von Graevenitz, G. and McDonagh, L. (2023) CREATe - Litigation Explorer. [Data Collection]


Wagih, M. , Shi, J., Li, M., Komolafe, A., Whittaker, T., Schneider, J., Kumar, S. , Whittow, W. and Beeby, S. (2023) Data supporting Ultrahigh Sensitivity and Wide-Temperature Range Soft Anisotropic Thermistor with a Direct Wireless Radio Frequency Interface. [Data Collection]

Wan, Z., Yessenov, M. and Padgett, M. (2023) The propagation speed of optical speckle. [Data Collection]

Wang, X. and Macdonald, C. (2023) ColBERT-PRF-VirtualAppendix. [Data Collection]

Wang, Y. P. , Kintrea, K. , Osborne, M. , Schweisfurth, M. , Mitchell, R. , Kamete, A. , Yao, J. , Stewart, A. , Ahmad, S. , Young, G., Nesterova, Y. , Everatt, D., Lynge, H., Abrahams, C., Turok, I., Scheba, A., Visagie, J., Manirakiza, V., Malonza, J., Nduwayezu, G., Mugabe, L., Nsabimana, A., Rutayisire, P., Nzayirambaho, M., Njunwa, J.K., Levira, F., Moshi, I., Msuya, I., Kundu, D., Sharma, P., Debnath, T., Roy, S., Sowgat, T., Islam, T., Shakil, I., Reyes, M., Gamboa, M., Rivera, R., Caluag, A., Manlapas, I., Racoma, D., Sun, T., Zhai, L., Li, C., Liu, Y., Wang, C., Zhang, L., Sun, X., Bhandari, R., Baffoe, G., Lawson, V. and Long, J. (2023) GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods: Household Survey and Neighbourhood Focus Group Data from Seven Asian and African Countries, 2021-2022. [Data Collection]

Weakley, S. (2023) Community Planning Officials Survey 2018. [Data Collection]

Wilcox, R. and Rousselet, G. (2023) A quantile shift approach to main effects and interactions in a 2-by-2 design reproducibility package. [Data Collection]

Wilcox, R. R. and Rousselet, G. A. (2023) Code for article A Quantile Shift Approach To Main Effects And Interactions In A 2-By-2 Design. [Data Collection]

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