Live Art in Scotland Interview Collection

Greer, S. (2023) Live Art in Scotland Interview Collection. [Data Collection]

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Collection description

This dataset holds series of interviews (transcripts and audio recordings) with artists and practitioners undertaken for the Live Art in Scotland project. Spanning the late 1980s to the present, these conversations reflect live art’s grounding in a range of different art forms, contexts and communities of interdisciplinary practice. A cross-section of an expansive field as it has developed over thirty years, they offer new perspectives on the conditions in which live art’s signature experiments become possible, and the possibilities which live art might enable in return.

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College / School: College of Arts & Humanities > School of Culture and Creative Arts
Date Deposited: 22 Feb 2023 09:13
Statement on legal, ethical and access issues:

The recordings and transcripts in the Live Art Scotland collection are governed by informed consent agreements between the University of Glasgow and the participants in the research project. The material is intended for the purposes of teaching, learning and research; it has been digitised for the purposes of making them available for research, study and private enjoyment – and on the basis of appropriate attribution.

Please treat the materials with respect as a failure to do so constitutes a breach of the trust we have built up with the project’s participants. These materials should not be altered or used in ways that might be derogatory to the project’s participants. This might include – but is not limited to – misquotation, misappropriation or decontextualisation.


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Greer, S. (2023); Live Art in Scotland Interview Collection

University of Glasgow

DOI: 10.5525/gla.researchdata.1379

Retrieved: 2024-07-20


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