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Abdalhadi, S. M. and Connell, A. and Zhang, X. and Wiles, A. A. and Davies, M. L. and Holliman, P. J. and Cooke, G. (2016) Convenient synthesis of EDOT-based dyes by CH-activation and their application as dyes in dye-sensitized solar cells. [Data Collection]

Aderhold, A. and Husmeier, D. and Grzegorczyk, M. (2016) Approximate Bayesian inference in semi-mechanistic models. [Data Collection]

Aderhold, A. and Husmeier, D. and Grzegorczyk, M. (2016) Hierarchical Bayesian Regression (HBR) and Analytic Gradient Calculation (GCGP). [Data Collection]

Agbato, O. (2016) Evaluating Consumer Price Perception: a mental accounting and frame dependent perspective. [Data Collection]

Allik, M. (2016) Estonian national candidate data 1992 to 2015. [Data Collection]

Asadzadeh, P. and Chalmers, M. and Morrison, A. and Rooksby, J. and Rost, M. (2016) User trial of the ScreenLife personal tracking application. [Data Collection]

Aspden, R. S. and Morris, P. A. and He, R. and Chen, Q. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Heralded phase-contrast imaging using an orbital angular momentum phase-filter. [Data Collection]

Aspden, R. S. and Padgett, M. J. and Spalding, G. (2016) Video recording true single-photon double-slit interference. [Data Collection]


Becerra-Figueroa, L. and Brun, E. and Mathieson, M. and Farrugia, L. J. and Wilson, C. and Prunet, J. and Gamba-Sánchez, D. (2016) Diastereoselective synthesis of trifluoromethylated 1,3-dioxanes by intramolecular oxa-Michael reaction. [Data Collection]

Belch, J. (2016) POPADAD study ECG collection. [Data Collection]

Binns, J. and Kamenev, K. V. and Marriott, K. E. R. and McIntyre, G. J. and Moggach, S. A. and Murrie, M. and Parsons, S. (2016) A non-topological mechanism for negative linear compressibility. [Data Collection]

Busse, A. and Thakkar, M. and Sandham, N. D. (2016) Reynolds number dependence of the near-wall flow over irregular rough surfaces. [Data Collection]


Cariello, M. and Ahn, S. and Park, K.-W. and Chang, S.-K. and Hong, J. and Cooke, G. (2016) An investigation of the role increasing p-conjugation has on the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells fabricated from ferrocene-based dyes. [Data Collection]

Chambers, S. and Dundas, R. and Torsney, B. (2016) School and local authority characteristics associated with take-up of Free School Meals in Scottish secondary schools 2014. [Data Collection]

Chattopadhyay, K. and Craig, G. A. and Kundu, A. and Bertolasi, V. and Murrie, M. and Ray, D. (2016) Hydroxido-Supported and Carboxylato Bridge-Driven Aggregation for Discrete [Ni4] and Interconnected [Ni2]n Complexes. [Data Collection]

Christie, L. and Surman, A. J. and Scullion, R. A. and Xu, F. and Long, D.-L. and Cronin, L. (2016) Overcoming the Crystallization Bottleneck: A Family of Gigantic Inorganic {Pdx}L (x=84, 72) Palladium Macrocycles Discovered using Solution Techniques. [Data Collection]

Cioncoloni, G. and Senn, H. M. and Sproules, S. and Wilson, C. and Symes, M. D. (2016) The Electronic and Solvatochromic Properties of [Co(L)(bipyridine)2]+ (L = o-catecholato, o-benzenedithiolato) Species: a Combined Experimental and Computational Study. [Data Collection]

Clark, T. W. and Offer, R.F. and Franke-Arnold, S. and Arnold, A. S. and Radwell, N. (2016) Comparison of beam generation techniques using a phase only spatial light modulator. [Data Collection]


Duckett, J. and Miller, W. (2016) The open economy and its enemies: Public Attitudes in East Asia and Eastern Europe. [Data Collection]


Escorcia, I. and Grant, J. and Gough, J. and Cumming, D. R.S. (2016) Terahertz Metamaterial Absorbers implemented in CMOS Technology for Imaging Applications: Scaling to 64x64 Focal Plane Array Formats. [Data Collection]

Escorcia, I. and Grant, J. and Gough, J. and Cumming, D. R.S. (2016) Uncooled CMOS terahertz imager using a metamaterial absorber and pn diode. [Data Collection]


Faccio, D. F. A. and Caspani, L. and Clerici, M. and Ferrera, M. (2016) Enhanced nonlinear refractive index in epsilon-near-zero materials. [Data Collection]

Filippone, M. and Engler, R. (2016) Enabling scalable stochastic gradient-based inference for Gaussian processes by employing the Unbiased LInear System SolvEr (ULISSE). [Data Collection]

Fitzer, S.C. and Chung, P. and Maccherozzi, F. and Dhesi, S. S. and Kamenos, N. A. and Phoenix, V.R. and Cusack, M. (2016) Biomineral shell formation under ocean acidification: a shift from order to chaos. [Data Collection]

Flynn, G. and Withers, J. and Macias-Soteula, G. and Cooper, J. M. and Burley, G. and Clark, A. W. (2016) Reversible DNA Micro-patterning Using the Fluorous Effect. [Data Collection]

Frost, J. M. and Kettles, F. J. and Wilson, C. and Murrie, M. (2016) Rational serendipity: "undirected" synthesis of a large {MnIII10CuII5} complex from pre-formed MnII building blocks. [Data Collection]

Funmilola, T. C. and Santana, A. M. and Waterston, M. and Haining, H. and Eckersall, P. D. (2016) Effect of pre-analytical treatments on bovine milk acute phase proteins. [Data Collection]


Gallacher, K. M. (2016) Using river network structure to improve estimation of common temporal patterns. [Data Collection]

Gaolian, X. and Hang, Z. and Cooper, J. M. and Reboud, J. (2016) Capillary-based multiplexed isothermal nucleic acid-based test for sexually transmitted diseases in patients. [Data Collection]

Gaolian, X. and Nolder, D. and Reboud, J. and Oguike, M. C. and Sutherland, C. J. and Cooper, J. M. (2016) Origami-based Multiplexed Infectious Disease Diagnostics from Whole Blood. [Data Collection]

Gillies, A. (2016) State-narco networks and the 'War on Drugs' in post-transition Bolivia, with special reference to 1989-1993. [Data Collection]

Gonzalez-Jimenez, M. and Ramakrishnan, G. and Harwood, T. and Lapthorn, A. and Kelly, S. and Ellis, E. and Wynne, K. (2016) Observation of coherent delocalised phonon-like modes in DNA under physiological conditions. [Data Collection]

Grant, J. and McCrindle, I. J.H. and Cumming, D. R.S. (2016) Multi-Spectral materials: hybridisation of optical plasmonic filters, a mid infrared metamaterial absorber and a terahertz metamaterial absorber. [Data Collection]

Gregory, V. and Harvey, W. T. and Daniels, R. S. and Reeve, R. and Whittaker, L. and Halai, C. and Douglas, A. and Gonsalves, R. and Skehel, J. J. and Hay, A. J. and McCauley, J. W. (2016) Human former seasonal Influenza A(H1N1) haemagglutination inhibition data 1977-2009 from the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza, London, UK. [Data Collection]


Hao, D. and Mitchell, G. K. and Cumming, D. R.S. (2016) Plasmonic Gold Nanodiscs using Piezoelectric Substrate Birefringence for Liquid Sensing. [Data Collection]

Heras Ojea, M. J. and Milway, V. A. and Thomas, L. H. and Coles, S. J. and Wilson, C. and Wernsdorfer, W. and Murrie, M. (2016) Enhancement of TbIII-CuII single-molecule magnet performance through structural modification. [Data Collection]

Hoffmann, R. and Ireland, M. and Miller, A. and Norman, G. and Veres, S. (2016) Autonomous Agent Behaviour Modelled in PRISM: A Case Study. [Data Collection]

Hughes, L. M. (2016) Finding the Belgian Refugees in [Data Collection]


Inglis, L. (2016) WA25204 ENTRACTE Study - ECG Data. [Data Collection]


Jack, R. (2016) Mapping the cultural landscape of emotions for social interaction. [Data Collection]

Jensen, M.-B. V. and Wardrope, C. and Togneri, P. and Horsfall, L. and Marles-Wright, J. and Rosser, S. (2016) Datasets supporting "Characterisation of a New Family of Carboxyl Esterases with an OsmC domain". [Data Collection]


Kirwan, R. and Miller, A. and Porr, B. (2016) Model checking learning agent systems using Promela with embedded C code and abstraction. [Data Collection]

Kraemer, M. U. G. and Sinka, M. E. and Duda, K. A. and Mylne, A. and Shearer, F. M. and Brady, O. J. and Messina, J. P. and Barker, C. M. and Moore, C. G. and Carvalho, R. G. and Coelho, G. E. and Van Bortel, W. and Hendrickx, G. and Schaffner, F. and Wint, G. R. W. and Elyazar, I. R. F. and Teng, H.-J. and Hay, S. I. and Page, R. D. M. (2016) Global compendium of Aedes aegypti occurrence. [Data Collection]

Kraemer, M. U. G. and Sinka, M. E. and Duda, K. A. and Mylne, A. and Shearer, F. M. and Brady, O. J. and Messina, J. P. and Barker, C. M. and Moore, C. G. and Carvalho, R. G. and Coelho, G. E. and Van Bortel, W. and Hendrickx, G. and Schaffner, F. and Wint, G. R. W. and Elyazar, I. R. F. and Teng, H.-J. and Hay, S. I. and Page, R. D. M. (2016) Global compendium of Aedes albopictus occurrence. [Data Collection]

Krajnak, M. and McGrouther, D. and Maneuski, D. and O'Shea, V. and McVitie, S. (2016) Pixelated detectors and improved efficiency for magnetic imaging in STEM differential phase contrast. [Data Collection]

Kwanashie, A. and Irving, R. W. and Manlove, D. (2016) Profile-based optimal matchings in the student-project allocation problem. [Data Collection]


Langhorne, P. (2016) AVERT trial data. [Data Collection]

Leavey, S. and Danilishin, S. L. and Gläfke, A. and Barr, B. W. and Gräf, C. and Hennig, J.-S. and Houston, E. A. and Lück, H. and Pascucci, D. and Somiya, K. and Spencer, A. and Steinlechner, S. and Strain, K. and Wright, J. and Zhang, T. and Hild, S. (2016) Control of a velocity-sensitive audio-band quantum non-demolition interferometer. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Lee, L. C. Y. and Gadegaard, N. and Andrés, M. C. d. and Turner, L.-A. and Burgess, K. V. and Yarwood, S. and Wells, J. and Mpoyi, E. and Salmerón-Sánchez, M. and Meek, R. M. D. and Oreffo, R. and Dalby, M. J. (2016) Nanotopography controls cell cycle changes involved with skeletal stem cell self-renewal and multipotency. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Leonov, A. O. and Togawa, Y. and Monchesky, T. L. and Bogdanov, A. and Kishine, J. and Kousaka, Y. and Miyagawa, M. and Koyama, T. and Akimitsu, J. and Koyama, T. and Harada, K. and Mori, S. and McGrouther, D. and Lamb, R. and Krajnak, M. and McVitie, S. and Stamps, R. L. and Inoue, K. (2016) Chiral surface twists and skyrmion stability in nanolayers of cubic helimagnets. [Data Collection]

Li, J. and Kirkwood, R. A. and Baker, L. and Bosworth, D. and Erotokritou, K. and Banerjee, A. and Heath, R. and Natarajan, C. and Barber, Z. and Sorel, M. and Hadfield, R. H. (2016) Nano-optical single-photon response mapping of waveguide integrated molybdenum silicide (MoSi) superconducting nanowires. [Data Collection]

Li, Y. and Stamps, R. L. and Gonçalves, F. and McVitie, S. and Gubbiotti, G. and Casoli, F. and Morley, S. and Marrows, C. and Rosamond, M. and Linfield, E. (2016) Brillouin light scattering study of magnetic-element normal modes in a square artificial spin ice geometry. [Data Collection]


MacFarlane, P. (2016) Scottish Family Health Study. [Data Collection]

MacLaren, D. A. and Fergusson, C. (2016) Influence of thickness and interface on the low-temperature enhancement of the spin Seebeck effect in YIG films. [Data Collection]

Macdonald, B. and Higham, C. and Husmeier, D. (2016) Controversy in mechanistic modelling with Gaussian processes. [Data Collection]

Macdonald, B. and Niu, M. and Rogers, S. and Filippone, M. and Husmeier, D. (2016) Approximate parameter inference in systems biology using gradient matching: a comparative evaluation. [Data Collection]

Maier, P. and Morton, J. M. and Trinder, P. (2016) JIT Costing Adaptive Skeletons for Performance Portability. [Data Collection]

Manlove, D. and McBride, I. and Trimble, J. (2016) 'Almost-stable' matchings in the hospitals / residents problem with couples: An integer programming approach. [Data Collection]

Marshall, R. J. and Griffrin, S. L. and Wilson, C. and Forgan, R. S. (2016) Stereoselective halogenation of integral unsaturated C-C bonds in chemically and mechanically robust Zr and Hf MOFs. [Data Collection]

Marshall, R. J. and Hobday, C. L. and Murphie, C. F. and Girffin, S. L. and Morrison, C. A. and Moggach, S. A. and Forgan, R. S. (2016) Amino acids as highly efficient modulators for single crystals of Zirconium and Hafnium metal-organic frameworks. [Data Collection]

McCay, A. T. (2016) Heat production measurements from Scottish granites. [Data Collection]

McGrouther, D. and Lamb, R. and Krajnak, M. and McFadzean, S. and McVitie, S. and Stamps, R. L. and Leonov, A. O. and Bogdanov, A. N. and Togawa, Y. (2016) Internal structure of hexagonal skyrmion lattices in cubic helimagnets. [Data Collection]

McQuistin, S. and Perkins, C. S. and Fayed, M. (2016) TCP Hollywood: An Unordered, Time-Lined, TCP for Networked Multimedia Applications. [Data Collection]

Mitchell, K. J. and Turtaev, S. and Cizmar, T. and Padgett, M. J. and Phillips, D. B. (2016) High-speed spatial control of the intensity, phase and polarisation of vector beams using a digital micro-mirror device. [Data Collection]

Moreau, P. A. and Toninelli, E. and Morris, P. A. and Aspden, R. S. and Gregory, T. and Spalding, G. and Boyd, R. W. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Resolution limits of quantum ghost imaging. [Data Collection]

Morris, P. A. and Aspden, R. S. and Bell, J. E.C. and Boyd, R. W. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Imaging with a small number of photons. [Data Collection]


Ngandu Mpoyi, E. and Cantini, M. and Reynolds, P. M. and Gadegaard, N. and Dalby, M. J. and Salmerón-Sánchez, M. (2016) Protein adsorption as a key mediator in the nanotopographical control of cell behavior. [Data Collection]

Niu, M. and Filippone, M. and Husmeier, D. and Rogers, S. (2016) Inference in nonlinear differential equations. [Data Collection]

Niu, M. and Rogers, S. and Filippone, M. and Husmeier, D. (2016) Fast Parameter Inference in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems using Iterative Gradient Matching. [Data Collection]

Noor, M. F. M. and Rogers, S. and Williamson, J. (2016) Detecting swipe errors on touchscreens using touch modulation. [Data Collection]


Page, R. (2016) The International Barcode of Life Project (iBOL). [Data Collection]

Page, R. (2016) International Barcode of Life project (iBOL) Barcode Index Numbers (BINs). [Data Collection]

Page, R. (2016) The plant list with literature. [Data Collection]

Parreira, P. and Paterson, G. W. and McVitie, S. and MacLaren, D. A. (2016) Stability, bistability and instability of amorphous ZrO2 resistive memory devices. [Data Collection]

Parreira, P. and MacLaren, D. A. (2016) Dynamical Torque in CoxFe3−xO4 Nanocube Thin Films Characterized by Femtosecond Magneto-Optics: A π‑Shift Control of the Magnetization Precession. [Data Collection]

Peloni, A. and Ceriotti, M. and Dachwald, B. (2016) Solar Sail Trajectory Design for a Multiple Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission. [Data Collection]

Petev, M. and Westerberg, N. and Rubino, E. and Moss, D. and Couairon, A. and Legare, F. and Morandotti, R. and Faccio, D. and Clerici, M. (2016) Phase-insensitive Scattering of Terahertz Radiation. [Data Collection]

Phillips, D. and He, R. and Chen, Q. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Non-diffractive computational ghost imaging. [Data Collection]

Porwol, L. and Henson, A. and Kitson, P. J. and Long, D.-L. and Cronin, L. (2016) On the fly multi-modal observation of ligand synthesis and complexation of Cu complexes in flow with ‘benchtop’ NMR and mass spectrometry. [Data Collection]


Rambach, R. W. and Taiber, J. and Scheck, C. M. L. and Meyer, C. and Reboud, J. and Cooper, J. M. and Franke, T. (2016) Visualization of surface acoustic waves in thin liquid films. [Data Collection]

Restuccia, S. and Giovannini, D. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Comparing the information capacity of Laguerre-Gaussian and Hermite-Gaussian modal sets in a finite-aperture system. [Data Collection]

Rico, P. and Mnatsakanyan, H. and Dalby, M. J. and Salmerón-Sánchez, M. (2016) Material-Driven Fibronectin Assembly Promotes Maintenance of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Phenotypes. [Data Collection]

Rideout, J. (2016) Woman Writers' Networks in Spanish Magazines around 1900. [Data Collection]

Roberts, J. and Sahoo, J. and McNamara, L. and Burgess, K. V. and Yang, J. and Alakpa, E. and Anderson, H. and Hay, J. and Turner, L.-A. and Yarwood, S. and Zelzer, M. and Oreffo, R. and Ulijn, R. and Dalby, M. J. (2016) Dynamic surfaces for the study of mesenchymal stem cell growth through adhesion regulation. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Roger, I. and Moca, R. and Miras, H. N. and Crawford, K. G. and Moran, D. A. J. and Ganin, A. Y. and Symes, M. D. (2016) The Direct Hydrothermal Deposition of Cobalt-Doped MoS2 onto Fluorine-Doped SnO2 Substrates for Catalysis of the Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Roger, I. and Symes, M. D. (2016) Silver Leakage from Ag/AgCl Reference Electrodes as a Potential Cause of Interference in the Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. [Data Collection]


Shakoor, A. and Cheah, B. C. and Hao, D. and Al-Rawhani, M. and Nagy, B. and Grant, J. and Dale, C. and Keegan, N. and McNeil, C. and Cumming, D. R.S. (2016) Plasmonic sensor monolithically integrated with a CMOS photodiode. [Data Collection]

Silverwood, R. K. and Fairhurst, P. G. and Sjöström, T. and Welsh, F. and Sun, Y. and Li, G. and Yu, B. and Young, P. S. and Su, B. and Meek, R. M.D. and Dalby, M. J. and Tsimbouri, P. M. (2016) Analysis of osteoclastogenesis / osteoblastogenesis on nanotopographical titania surfaces. [Data Collection]

Simpson, R. (2016) Domain Expert Evaluations of a TCAS Responsibility Model. [Data Collection]

Skogstrand, T. and Leh, S. and McClure, J. and Dashti, M. and Iversen, B. M. and Graham, D. and McBride, M. W. and Hultstom, M. (2016) Identification of a common molecular pathway in hypertensive renal damage: comparison of rat and human gene expression profiles. [Data Collection]

Spaeth, D. (2016) Thame Inventories Database. [Data Collection]

Stipetic, L. H. and Hamilton, G. and Dalby, M. J. and Davies, R. L. and Meek, R. M. D. and Ramage, G. and Smith, D. G. E. and Burgess, K. E. V. (2016) Draft Genome Sequence of Isolate Staphylococcus aureus LHSKBClinical, Isolated from an Infected Hip. [Data Collection]

Sun, L. and Aragon-Camarasa, G. (2016) CloPeMa Clothes. [Data Collection]

Sun, M.-J. and Edgar, M. and Gibson, G.M. and Sun, B. and Radwell, N. and Lamb, R. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Single-pixel three-dimensional imaging with time-based depth resolution. [Data Collection]

Sun, M.-J. and Edgar, M. and Phillips, D. B. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Improving the signal-to-noise ratio of single-pixel imaging using digital microscanning. [Data Collection]


Tannahill, L. (2016) Bande Dessinée On The Periphery. [Data Collection]

Toninelli, E. and Aspden, R. S. and Phillips, D. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) The transition from a coherent optical vortex to a Rankine vortex: beam contrast dependence on topological charge. [Data Collection]

Toolan, D. T. W. and Barker, R. and Gough, T. and Topham, P. D. and Howse, J. R. and Glidle, A. (2016) Gravimetric and Density Profiling Using the Combination of Surface Acoustic Waves and Neutron Reflectivity. [Data Collection]

Tsimbouri, P. M. and Fisher, L. and Holloway, N. and Sjöström, T. and Nobbs, A.H. and Meek, R. M.D. and Su, B. and Dalby, M. J. (2016) Osteogenic and bactericidal surfaces from hydrothermal titania nanowires on titanium substrates. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Tweedy, L. and Knecht, D. A. and Mackay, G. M. and Insall, R. H. (2016) Self-generated chemoattractant gradients: Attractant depletion extends the range and robustness of chemotaxis. [Data Collection]


Van Der Hooft, J. (2016) Topic Modeling for Untargeted Substructure Exploration in Metabolomics. [Data Collection]

Vargas, S. and McCreadie, R. and Macdonald, C. and Ounis, I. (2016) Comparing Overall and Targeted Sentiments in Social Media during Crises. [Data Collection]

Vihermaa, L. E. and Waldron, S. and Newton, J. (2016) Carbon and nutrient data for rainfall fractions in the Peruvian Amazon. [Data Collection]


Wandy, J. and van der Hooft, J. and Rogers, S. (2016) Ionisation Product Clustering to Improve Peak Alignment in LC-MS-based Metabolomics. [Data Collection]

Wang, J. and Simoes, P. J. A. and Fletcher, L. and Thalmann, J. K. and Hudson, H. S. and Hannah, I. G. (2016) Arcade implosion caused by a filament eruption in a flare. [Data Collection]

Whitworth, A. and Villacampa Ortega, J. and Serrano Rojas, S. J. and Downie, R. and MacLeod, R. (2016) Methods Matter: Different Biodiversity Survey Methodologies Identify Contrasting Biodiversity Patterns in a Human Modified Rainforest. [Data Collection]

Wiles, A. A. and Fitzpatrick, B. and McDonald, N. A. and Westwater, M. M. and Long, D.-L. and Ebenhoch, B. and Rotello, V. M. and Samuel, I. D. W. and Cooke, G. (2016) Synthesis and properties of pteridine-2,4-dione-functionalised oligothiophenes. [Data Collection]

Wiles, A. A. and Zhang, X. and Fitzpatrick, B. and Long, D.-L. and Macgregor, S. A. and Cooke, G. (2016) Redox-mediated reactions of vinylferrocene: toward redox auxiliaries. [Data Collection]

Williamson, J. (2016) Fingers of a hand oscillate together: Phase syncronisation of tremor in hover touch sensing. [Data Collection]

Wilson, A. D. and Diver, D. A. (2016) Alfvén Ionization in an MHD-Gas Interactions Code. [Data Collection]

Woodall, C. H. and Craig, G. A. and Prescimone, A. and Misek, M. and Cano, J. and Faus, J. and Probert, M. R. and Parsons, S. and Moggach, S. A. and Martínez-Lillo, J. and Murrie, M. and Kamenev, K. V. and Brechin, E. K. (2016) Pressure induced enhancement of the magnetic ordering temperature in rhenium(IV) monomers. [Data Collection]


Zang, H. and Surman, A. and Long, D. and Cronin, L. and Miras, H. N. (2016) Exploiting the equilibrium dynamics in the self-assembly of inorganic macrocycles based upon polyoxothiometalate building blocks. [Data Collection]

Zhang, H. and Mnzava, K. and Mitchell, S. and Melubo, M. and Kibona, T. and Cleaveland, S. and Kazwala, R. R. and Crump, J. A. and Sharp, J. and Halliday, J. E. B. (2016) Mixed methods survey of zoonotic disease awareness and practice among animal and human healthcare providers in Moshi, Tanzania. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Zhang, Y. and Edgar, M. and Sun, B. and Radwell, N. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) 3D single-pixel video. [Data Collection]

Zickus, V. and Taylor, J. M. (2016) SPIM micro-PIV measurements. [Data Collection]

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