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Allan, Kathryn J. (2018) Assessment of animal hosts of pathogenic Leptospira in northern Tanzania. [Data Collection]

Allen, Laura and Reeve, Richard and McGregor, Anna and Villacampa, Jamie and MacLeod, Ross (2018) Orchid bee responses to human disturbance in a tropical forest are better detected using abundance and community redundancy. [Data Collection]

Athanasiadis, Ignatios and Grassl, Peter and Wheeler, Simon (2018) Hydro-mechanical network modelling of porous geomaterials. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)


Barczak, Sonia A. and Halpin, John D. and Buckman, Jim and Decourt, Rodolphe and Pollet, Michael and Smith, Ronald I. and MacLaren, D. A. and Bos, Jan-Willem G. (2018) Grain-by-Grain Compositional Variations and Interstitial Metals - A New Route toward Achieving High Performance in Half-Heusler Thermoelectrics. [Data Collection]

Bennett, Mark and Cantini, Marco and Reboud, Julien and Cooper, J. M. and Roca-Cusachs, Pere and Salmerón-Sánchez, Manuel (2018) The molecular clutch drives cell response to surface viscosity. [Data Collection]

Bergenti, I. and Borgatti, Francesco and Calbucci, M. and Riminucci, A. and Cecchini, R. and Graziosi, P. and MacLaren, D. A. and Giglia, A. and Rueff, J. P. and Céolin, D. and Pasquali, L. and Dediu, V. (2018) Oxygen impurities link bistability and magnetoresistance in organic spin valves. [Data Collection]

Bowman, Adrian (2018) Graphics for uncertainty. [Data Collection]

Bunn, Chris and Ireland, Robin and Minton, Jonathan and Holman, Daniel and Philpott, Matthew and Chambers, Stephanie (2018) Shirt Sponsorship by Gambling Companies in the English and Scottish Premier Leagues: global reach and public health concerns. [Data Collection]


Cioncoloni, Giacomo and Roger, Isolda and Wilson, Claire and Sproules, Stephen and Symes, Mark D. and Wheatley, Paul S. and Morris, Russell E. (2018) Proton-Coupled-Electron Transfer Enhances the Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrite to NO in a Bioinspired Copper Complex. [Data Collection]

Cooper, Frances and Manlove, David (2018) A 3/2-approximation algorithm for the Student-Project Allocation problem. [Data Collection]


Escorcia, Ivonne and Grant, James and Gouveia, Luiz and Cumming, David R.S. (2018) Terahertz imagers based on metamaterial structures monolithically integrated in standard CMOS technologies. [Data Collection]


Gibson, G.M. and Toninelli, Ermes and Horsley, Simon A. R. and Spalding, Gabriel and Hendry, Euan and Phillips, David B. and Padgett, Miles J. (2018) Reversal of Orbital Angular Momentum arising from an extreme Doppler shift. [Data Collection]

Gillespie, Stuart (2018) Newly Recovered English Classical Translations 1600-1800: Annexe. [Data Collection]

Grant, James and Kenney, Mitchell and Shah, Yash and Escorcia-Carranza, Ivonne and Cumming, David R.S. (2018) CMOS Compatible Metamaterial Absorbers for Hyperspectral MWIR Imaging and Sensing Applications. [Data Collection]


Halbert, J (2018) Marion Donaldson and the business of British fashion, 1966-1999. [Data Collection]


Jacoby, Leslie S. (2018) Tardif Diplomatic Transcription: Draft 1. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)


Katsarou, Foteini (2018) Improving the Performance and Scalability of Pattern Subgraph Queries. [Data Collection]


Lee, Duncan (2018) A locally adaptive process-convolution model for estimating the health impact of air pollution. [Data Collection]


Maddocks, Oliver D.K. and Athineos, Dimitris and Cheung, Eric C. and Lee, Pearl and Zhang, Tong and van den Broek, Niels J.F. and Mackay, Gillian M. and Labuschagne, Christiaan F. and Gay, David and Kruiswijk, Flore and Blagih, Julianna and Vincent, David F. and Campbell, Kirsteen J. and Ceteci, Fatih and Sansom, Owen J. and Blyth, Karen and Vousden, Karen (2018) Modulating the therapeutic response of tumours to dietary serine and glycine starvation. [Data Collection]

Markov, Andrey and Mazhorova, Anna and Breitenborn, Holger and Bruhacs, Andrew and Clerici, Matteo and Modotto, Daniele and Jedrkiewicz, Ottavia and di Trapani, Paolo and Major, Arkady and Vidal, Francois and Morandotti, Roberto (2018) Broadband and efficient adiabatic three-wave-mixing. [Data Collection]

McCreadie, Richard (2018) Regional Sentiment Bias in Social Media Reporting During Crises. [Data Collection]

McVitie, Stephen and Hughes, S. and Fallon, Kayla and McFadzean, S. and McGrouther, Damien and Krajnak, Matus and Legrand, W. and Maccariello, D. and Collin, S. and Reyren, N. and Cros, V. and Fert, A. and Zeissler, K. and Marrows, C. H. (2018) A transmission electron microscope study of Néel skyrmion magnetic textures in multilayer thin film systems with large interfacial chiral interaction. [Data Collection]


Nagy, Bence and Al-Rawhani, Mohammed and Cheah, Boon Chong and Barrett, Michael P. and Cumming, David R.S. (2018) Immunoassay Multiplexing on a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Photodiode Array. [Data Collection]


Paterson, G. W. and Karimullah, A and Smith, Scott and Kadodwala, M and MacLaren, D. A. (2018) Symmetry Reduction and Shape Effects in Concave Chiral Plasmonic Structures. [Data Collection]


Stockamp, Julia and Li, Zhenhong and Feng, Wanpeng (2018) Establishing Wide-scale Mapping of Vertical Land Motion with Advanced DInSAR Time Series Analysis in Scotland. [Data Collection]


Torney, Colin J. and Hopcraft, J. Grant C. and Morrison, Thomas A. and Couzin, Iain D. and Levin, Simon A. (2018) From single steps to mass migration: The problem of scale in the movement ecology of the Serengeti wildebeest. [Data Collection]

Torney, Colin J. and Lamont, Myles and Debell, Leon and Angohiatok, Ryan J. and Leclerc, Lisa-Marie and Berdahl, Andrew M. (2018) Inferring the rules of social interaction in migrating caribou. [Data Collection]


Wang, Juntao and Simoes, P. J. A. and Fletcher, L. (2018) Unambiguous Evidence of Coronal Implosions During Solar Eruptions and Flares. [Data Collection]

Wertz, Julie and France, David J. and Quye, Anita (2018) Characterisation of Turkey red oil by 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy: Research on historical Turkey red dyeing for re-creation, conservation, and understanding. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)


Yang, Zhugen and Xu, Gaolian and Reboud, Julien and Ali, Syed Atif and Kaur, Gurpreet and McGiven, John and Boby, Nongthombam and Gupta, Praveen K. and Chaudhuri, Pallab and Cooper, J. M. (2018) Rapid Veterinary Diagnosis of Bovine Reproductive Infectious Dis-eases from Semen using Paper-Origami DNA Microfluidics. [Data Collection]

Yemets, Vitaly and Harkness, Patrick and Dron, Mykola and Pashkov, Anatoly and Worrall, Kevin and Middleton, Michael (2018) Autophage Engines: Toward a Throttleable Solid Motor. [Data Collection]

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