INCISE mutational data (Nov 2021)

Edwards, J. and Ritchie, A. (2021) INCISE mutational data (Nov 2021). [Data Collection]

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Collection description

The INCISE project identified 500 samples from archived FFPE colonic polyps for DNA extraction. The extracted DNA was then passed to the Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory (GPOL) for genomic sequencing using GPOL’s bespoke Cancer Plus panel. The output from the sequencing is FASTQ files (~2TB) which will be deposited for at least 10 years in Enlighten.

College / School: College of Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences > School of Cancer Sciences
Date Deposited: 21 Apr 2022 08:08
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Edwards, J. and Ritchie, A. (2021); INCISE mutational data (Nov 2021)

University of Glasgow

DOI: 10.5525/gla.researchdata.1223

Retrieved: 2024-07-22