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Aspden, R. S. and Morris, P. A. and He, R. and Chen, Q. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Heralded phase-contrast imaging using an orbital angular momentum phase-filter. [Data Collection]

Aspden, R. S. and Padgett, M. J. and Spalding, G. (2016) Video recording true single-photon double-slit interference. [Data Collection]


Clark, T. W. and Offer, R.F. and Franke-Arnold, S. and Arnold, A. S. and Radwell, N. (2016) Comparison of beam generation techniques using a phase only spatial light modulator. [Data Collection]


Krajnak, M. and McGrouther, D. and Maneuski, D. and O'Shea, V. and McVitie, S. (2016) Pixelated detectors and improved efficiency for magnetic imaging in STEM differential phase contrast. [Data Collection]


Leonov, A. O. and Togawa, Y. and Monchesky, T. L. and Bogdanov, A. and Kishine, J. and Kousaka, Y. and Miyagawa, M. and Koyama, T. and Akimitsu, J. and Koyama, T. and Harada, K. and Mori, S. and McGrouther, D. and Lamb, R. and Krajnak, M. and McVitie, S. and Stamps, R. L. and Inoue, K. (2016) Chiral surface twists and skyrmion stability in nanolayers of cubic helimagnets. [Data Collection]

Li, Y. and Stamps, R. L. and Gonçalves, F. and McVitie, S. and Gubbiotti, G. and Casoli, F. and Morley, S. and Marrows, C. and Rosamond, M. and Linfield, E. (2016) Brillouin light scattering study of magnetic-element normal modes in a square artificial spin ice geometry. [Data Collection]


MacLaren, D. A. and Fergusson, C. (2016) Influence of thickness and interface on the low-temperature enhancement of the spin Seebeck effect in YIG films. [Data Collection]

McGrouther, D. and Lamb, R. and Krajnak, M. and McFadzean, S. and McVitie, S. and Stamps, R. L. and Leonov, A. O. and Bogdanov, A. N. and Togawa, Y. (2016) Internal structure of hexagonal skyrmion lattices in cubic helimagnets. [Data Collection]

Mitchell, K. J. and Turtaev, S. and Cizmar, T. and Padgett, M. J. and Phillips, D. B. (2016) High-speed spatial control of the intensity, phase and polarisation of vector beams using a digital micro-mirror device. [Data Collection]

Morris, P. A. and Aspden, R. S. and Bell, J. E.C. and Boyd, R. W. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Imaging with a small number of photons. [Data Collection]


Parreira, P. and Paterson, G. W. and McVitie, S. and MacLaren, D. A. (2016) Stability, bistability and instability of amorphous ZrO2 resistive memory devices. [Data Collection]

Parreira, P. and MacLaren, D. A. (2016) Dynamical Torque in CoxFe3−xO4 Nanocube Thin Films Characterized by Femtosecond Magneto-Optics: A π‑Shift Control of the Magnetization Precession. [Data Collection]

Phillips, D. and He, R. and Chen, Q. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Non-diffractive computational ghost imaging. [Data Collection]


Restuccia, S. and Giovannini, D. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Comparing the information capacity of Laguerre-Gaussian and Hermite-Gaussian modal sets in a finite-aperture system. [Data Collection]


Sun, M.-J. and Edgar, M. and Gibson, G.M. and Sun, B. and Radwell, N. and Lamb, R. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Single-pixel three-dimensional imaging with time-based depth resolution. [Data Collection]

Sun, M.-J. and Edgar, M. and Phillips, D. B. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) Improving the signal-to-noise ratio of single-pixel imaging using digital microscanning. [Data Collection]


Toninelli, E. and Aspden, R. S. and Phillips, D. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) The transition from a coherent optical vortex to a Rankine vortex: beam contrast dependence on topological charge. [Data Collection]


Vytautas, Z. and Jonathan M., T. (2016) SPIM micro-PIV measurements. [Data Collection]


Wang, J. and Simoes, P. J. A. and Fletcher, L. and Thalmann, J. K. and Hudson, H. S. and Hannah, I. G. (2016) Arcade implosion caused by a filament eruption in a flare. [Data Collection]

Wilson, A. D. and Diver, D. A. (2016) Alfvén Ionization in an MHD-Gas Interactions Code. [Data Collection]


Zhang, Y. and Edgar, M. and Sun, B. and Radwell, N. and Gibson, G.M. and Padgett, M. J. (2016) 3D single-pixel video. [Data Collection]

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