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Cullen, B. , Reilly, S. and De Kock, H. (2024) Positive Psychological Factors in Health and Social Care Workers in the Context of COVID-19. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. and Gilmour, R. (2024) Exploring the assessment of parental stress within the neonatal environment. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. and Mawdsley, E. (2024) Machine learning for the prediction of psychosocial outcomes in brain injury. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. and McLaren, J. (2024) Psychometric Properties of Cognitive Screening Tools in Brain Injury. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. and Quinn, A. (2024) Postgraduate research student mental health and wellbeing: the role of effective communication within academic supervision. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. and Reynolds, B. (2024) Assessing Health Related Quality of life and Distress in People with Parkinson’s Disease. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. and Whyte, J. (2024) An exploration of psychological wellbeing support for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. , Gaschet, M., De Kock, H., Cowden, R. and Joynt, S. (2024) How does forgiveness influence mental wellbeing? A longitudinal exploration in the South African population. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. and Lee, J. (2024) ‘Ex-pat experts’: An investigation into the required core skills and competencies of international staff working to strengthen mental health and psychosocial service provision in low and middle-income countries. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)

Cullen, B. and Stelikou, V. (2024) War-related trauma, psychological symptoms, and quality of life in internally displaced Greek-Cypriot people: A 45-year post-war study. [Data Collection] (Unpublished)


Strawbridge, R. , Ward, J., Bailey, M. , Cullen, B. , Ferguson, A., Graham, N., Johnston, K., Lyall, L., Pearsall, R., Pell, J. , Shaw, R. , Tank, R., Lyall, D. and Smith, D. (2021) Summary statistics from a genome-wide association study of carotid intima-media thickness in UK Biobank. [Data Collection]


Ward, J., Strawbridge, R. , Bailey, M. , Graham, N., Ferguson, A., Lyall, D. , Cullen, B. , Pidgeon, L., Cavanagh, J., Mackay, D. , Pell, J. , O'Donovan, M., Escott-Price, V. and Smith, D. (2020) Genome-wide analysis in UK Biobank identifies four loci associated with mood instability and genetic correlation with major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder and schizophrenia. [Data Collection]


Strawbridge, R. , Ward, J., Ferguson, A., Graham, N., Shaw, R. , Cullen, B. , Pearsall, R., Lyall, L., Johnston, K., Niedzwiedz, C. , Pell, J. , Mackay, D. , Martin, J., Lyall, D. , Bailey, M. and Smith, D. (2019) Identification of novel genome-wide associations for suicidality in UK Biobank, genetic correlation with psychiatric disorders and polygenic association with completed suicide. [Data Collection]

Ferguson, A., Lyall, L., Ward, J., Strawbridge, R. , Cullen, B. , Graham, N., Niedzwiedz, C. , Johnston, K., Mackay, D. , Biello, S. , Pell, J. , Cavanagh, J., McIntosh, A. M., Doherty, A., Bailey, M. , Lyall, D. , Wyse, C. and Smith, D. (2019) Genome-Wide Association Study of Circadian Rhythmicity in 71,500 UK Biobank Participants and Polygenic Association with Mood Instability. [Data Collection]

Strawbridge, R. , Ward, J., Lyall, L., Tunbridge, E. M., Cullen, B. , Graham, N., Ferguson, A., Johnston, K., Lyall, D. , Mackay, D. , Cavanagh, J., Howard, D. M., Adams, M. J., Deary, I., Escott-Price, V., O’Donovan, M., McIntosh, A. M., Bailey, M. , Pell, J. , Harrison, P. and Smith, D. (2019) Genetics of self-reported risk-taking behaviour, trans-ethnic consistency and relevance to brain gene expression. [Data Collection]

Ward, J., Lyall, L., Bethlehem, R. A. I., Ferguson, A., Strawbridge, R. , Lyall, D. , Cullen, B. , Graham, N., Johnston, K., Bailey, M. , Murray, G. K. and Smith, D. (2019) Novel genome-wide associations for anhedonia, genetic correlation with psychiatric disorders, and polygenic association with brain structure. [Data Collection]

Ward, J., Tunbridge, E. M., Sandor, C., Lyall, L., Ferguson, A., Strawbridge, R. , Lyall, D. , Cullen, B. , Graham, N., Johnston, K. J.A., Webber, C., Escott-Price, V., O’Donovan, M., Pell, J. , Bailey, M. , Harrison, P. J. and Smith, D. (2019) The genomic basis of mood instability: identification of 46 loci in 363,705 UK Biobank participants, genetic correlation with psychiatric disorders, and association with gene expression and function. [Data Collection]

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