Peers and Levels of Stress (PaLS)

West, P. and Sweeting, H. (2022) Peers and Levels of Stress (PaLS). [Data Collection]

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Collection description

The cross-sectional schools-based PaLS was set up to investigate links between pupils’ peer group status and levels of stress, and the relationships which these both had with mental health and health behaviours like smoking. It surveyed 3,194 pupils in the final year of statutory education (Scottish Secondary 4 – S4, aged 15) in 22 schools in and around Glasgow City in 2006.

Data and syntax are held in SPSS format.

College / School: College of Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences > School of Health and Wellbeing > MRC/CSO Unit
Date Deposited: 23 Jun 2022 10:52
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Statement on legal, ethical and access issues:

The PaLS dataset is held at the University of Glasgow MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit (SPHSU).

The nature of both the original consents and the potentially sensitive data mean that data can only be shared: (1) on a case-by-case basis, subject to approval from the University of Glasgow MVLS Ethics Committee; and (2) collaboratively with a SPHSU researcher, who would be responsible for providing advice, available study information and selected variables for analysis.

Applications from bona fide health researchers will be considered by the SPHSU Data Access Committee and collaborators must sign a data access agreement before data can be released.

Apply in the first instance using the 'Request Data' button to request data access forms and guidance.


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West, P. and Sweeting, H. (2022); Peers and Levels of Stress (PaLS)

University of Glasgow

DOI: 10.5525/gla.researchdata.1310

Retrieved: 2024-04-15